Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Address!

Well, ladies and gentleman, I have returned! This week has been extremely hectic, since Folio moved into our new offices on Friday. This meant that almost all of Thursday was spent cleaning up the old office, and furiously packing books and files and assorted office stuff into many, many boxes. By the time I left at 8:30pm (and I had been there since 10am), we were up to box #20, and the packing was still going strong. Literary agencies accumulate a tremendous amount of papers and books, and getting them organized into boxes was quite a task.

On top of that, this was the weekend that my boyfriend and I had designated to paint our home office/study (study sounds much more distinguished than home office). We only moved into our townhouse two months ago, and so we have quite a lot of home improvement work left to do. So then Friday and Saturday was spent packing up the study, after which I collapsed of exhaustion, and my boyfriend spent all of today painting it. It's got one coat on the walls and ceiling, but it needs a second coat before it can be at all useable again. Which means that currently my computer is residing under a tarp, and I'm using my boyfriend's laptop from work, which consequently goes back to work with him tomorrow. So I may be out of e-mail range for another day or so, since everything is not totally set up yet in the new NYC Folio office.

Anyway, now that I've regaled you all with the saga of office moving and study painting, here's the new Folio address:

Folio Literary Management
505 8th Avenue, Suite 603
New York, NY 10018

I have a nice long post answering lots of questions that people have asked, which is half-written and saved as a draft currently. I'm going to try and get that out today, so that the blog will get back on a decent posting schedule. =)


Harry Connolly said...

Painting is hell, but at least you're doing it now and not in August when the fumes and heat might kill you.

As for your new office, do you have a view?

Katey Coffing, Ph.D. said...

GMTA, Jenny! What are the chances that my agent and I would choose the same blog app and template? Well, probably fairly high, given our similar tastes. (Heck, I figure we must have those. At the very least, you like the way I write. ;-) )

Belated congrats on the townhouse move. My soon-to-be-hubby and I got a house last fall, and the mortgage still makes me twitch.

Guy Stewart said...

Jenny: I sent you a proposal for my YA novel about a week and a half hope is that it made your move with you or followed you via the postal delivery person in good order. My fear is that it may now be lost in postal limbo. I'll wait to hear from you for a couple weeks, then query to see if my MS made it. (PS: I love painting walls! I love the fresh cleaness (Is that a word?) that comes with the end product...

Jenny Rappaport said...

guy, never fear, I'm sure your proposal has made it to our office safely. We literally moved only a block and a half down the street, and so we send the interns every day to go pick up any mail sent to the old address. It's most likely sitting in my giant stack of mail to be read, since I've been working from home all week and haven't been into the office.

Guy Stewart said...