Monday, April 24, 2006


Welcome to LIT SOUP, my new home on the web! My name is Jenny Rappaport, and I work as a literary agent at Folio Literary Management. And I like soup. Simple enough, right?

Not really.

I'm horrible at titles. You'd think that I'd be good at coming up with them, since I come across so many of them in my work all day. But that's simply not the truth. A title is a tricky creature, since it needs to convey just the right amount of catchy-ness, and also tell the reader something about what comes next. And for a blog, especially, it needs to be short enough for someone to easily remember and type into a browser. All the credit for this one goes to my mom, who did what all good mothers do, and kept suggesting titles until one finally stood out enough.

So what's the purpose of this blog?

Simply put, to let people learn a little bit about me and what I do as a literary agent. I'm very open to answering questions about the publishing business, and also to explaining my own tastes in books. The ultimate goal is for this to be a place that's got some great comment discussions going on, and where you can learn a little while having fun.

And who knows, we may even get down to trading soup recipes, if anyone wants to do so. I love to cook almost as much as I love to read, so feel free to fire away. =)


Shelly said...

This is pretty vague, but I'd love to know how the whole literary agent thing works...Oh, and I like your blog title :)

Harry Connolly said...

I have a question for you:

Would you mind if there was a syndicated LiveJournal feed of your blog? You wouldn't have to do anything except say "yes."

Your posts would be duplicated on LJ, with a link leading back here. If you want to expand your readership, this would help.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Sure Harry, a syndicated LJ feed would be fine. Let me know when you've set it up, and I'll post the link in the blog.

Harry Connolly said...

LJ Feed: Comfort Soup

I didn't make that link, though. Someone else beat me to it.

Harry Connolly said...

I forgot to ask my second question: Is there a trend in fantasy fiction right now? Shorter? Longer? Urban? High? How do things look?

John Joseph Adams said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Jenny. Now stop fooling around with this blog and SELL SELL SELL!

Lon said...

Okay I have a couple questions:

1) What's your favorite soup?

1a) Favorite chowder?

3) If you could pick the next fiction "megatrend" to pick up after the Children's Fantasy and Da Vinci bubbles finally burst, what would it be?

Jenny Rappaport said...

lon, the answers to your questions are:

1. Progresso Macaroni and Bean
1a. Corn Chowder, but the kind without any ham or bacon in it, since I don't eat pork.
3. see new blog post =)

harry connolly, the next blog post should help answer your questions too.

lon said...

I'm a French Onion kinda guy myself, though my wife says I make a mean cheesy potato and broccoli soup.

I should also learn how to either count or proofread. :)

Laurel Amberdine said...

I thought of a question! Might be too nosey though; feel free to ignore. :)

How many clients have you taken on so far, and do you have any idea how many you want?

Anonymous said...

How do I persuade an agent to with me when I'm a first time screenwriter? Also, what are the pitfalls of signing a deferred contract with a production studio?
Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Harry Connolly said...

I have a followup to Laurel's question:

How many of your clients came to you through cold queries?


Harry Connolly said...
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