Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back from Balticon!

A con report, as requested by lon in the comments to the prior post, will be forthcoming. At the moment, I am exhausted and looking forward to bed.

For the time being, you can enjoy this very surprised picture of me, which was taken by my client and traveling companion, John Joseph Adams, this morning. You'll note there's one other picture of me in the Balticon set he has on Flickr; it's even worse than this one! I'm going to dig up a good picture of myself tomorrow, as John seems incapable of taking them (although he is lovely otherwise).

Good night, all. =)


Jodi Meadows said...

Yay back!

*holds breath for con report*

(Er, I mean, go get some good rest! ;)

James Dashner said...

Can't wait to hear about it, Jenny. Cons can be so much fun.

We had our own little Con here in Salt Lake City, UT, although I'm sure it was on a much smaller scale. It's called Conduit. Anyway, I had lunch with Shannon Hale and dinner with L.E. (Lee) Modesitt, Jr. on the same day! Talk about a treat that I will never forget. It was awesome picking their brains.

Of course, it made me jealous as heck to hear Shannon talk all about the day she found out she'd won the Newbery Honor. One day, one day.......

By the way, they announced that HorrorCon, or whatever it's called, the really big one, has chosen Salt Lake for 2008, so we're all very excited to get some recognition in our little city.

Welcome home, Jenny!

Gord Rollo said...

It's called World Horror Convention, James, and I for one will be there. I never miss World horror. Salt Lake should be a great place to hold it. Really looking forward to it. The website is but I'm not sure it is up and running yet. Toronto, Canada, next year, which is in my backyard so that one will be great too.

P.S. - Sorry to hijack your thread, Jenny. Hope you had fun in Baltimore. I love that city and attend horrorfind weekend of terror there every August. I'm a guest this year so should be fun!