Sunday, May 07, 2006

Inspirational fiction

While we're on the subject of discussing my likes and dislikes in regards to types of books, I want to clarify a point on inspirational material. For some reason, I have lately been receiving an extraordinary amount of queries that go somewhere along the line of "Jesus saves the world in a sci-fi setting, how cool is that!". Now you should understand that I have the utmost respect and regard for all types of religions, whether Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, or any of the rest of the multitude that are part of the cultural makeup of our great planet.

But I am personally an agnostic Jew, and so Christian inspirational fiction just doesn't affect me the way that it affects others. I can certainly evaluate it on the quality of the writing, but I will rarely fall in love with it, to the point where I would want to sign the author as a client. So for all intents and purposes, I am not the right agent to approach with this type of material. There are many other excellent agents who represent this genre, and I urge you to approach one of them with your project, as you will most likely have much better luck with them.

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Allen Walker said...

Really enjoying reading this. Post more!

Oh, and when I think of a question, I'll be sure to ask. :)