Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Quick question about blurbs

Derek writes via e-mail: Should I submit blurbs from _established_ writers with my query letter/partial? Would having an established writer and/or award winner, who has read my manuscript and offered to blurb it, help in any way?

It's definitely fair game to submit blurbs from established writers with your query letter/partial. In fact, I have one historical romance that I'm considering now, which I asked for because it interested me, and even more so, because the author had an established author I admire who was willing to blurb it for her. Promising and happy blurbs help to a small degree, but overall, I'm going to be judging you on the quality of your writing, and the current marketability of your work.

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Allen Walker said...

How does one even begin to go about acquiring blurbs from established authors for their own (especially first time) unpublished works?