Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Submission Guidelines

UPDATED November 6, 2008.

Since the L. Perkins Agency does not currently have a website, the following blog post is meant to outline our submissions guidelines. As a word of explanation, Lori Perkins and I work out of separate home offices, so we have different mailing addresses.


I primarily represent science fiction and fantasy, horror, young adult fiction, and romance. I also do represent some nonfiction material, but it's not my primary area. In terms of SFF, I like almost all examples of the genre, even epic fantasy, but I'm very picky if something sounds cliched. There's so much wonderful material out there to explore that every fantasy novel doesn't need the stereotypical elf, dwarf, and farmboy-turned-world savior, all of whom start their adventure in a bar with tavern wenches. Regarding horror, I tend to go more towards the darker, psychological side of things, and I very firmly do not like splatterpunk. I represent all types of young adult fiction, but my favorites are the ones that fall into the SFF or horror genres. Regarding romance, I am only looking for historical romances, as well as paranormal romances (contemporary or historical). I also do a splattering of women's fiction in there, and I'm always a sucker for a very good historical novel.

I do not represent picture books, most types of nonfiction, and anything religious in nature. I am also not fond of literary fiction because I feel like it tends towards too much navel-gazing and overanalyzation of psyches.

How To Submit To Jenny Rappaport:

I will only accept e-mail queries sent to me at jrlperkinsagency AT yahoo DOT com. Please include the word "Query" in the subject line of your e-mail. Please include your e-mail address within the body of the e-mail.

All snail mail queries will be discarded, unread.

Your query should contain the standard query letter pitch, as well as have a synopsis. Please paste the first FIVE pages of your manuscript into the body of the e-mail. I do NOT prefer attachments.

My current response time is as follows:
1 week for queries
2 weeks for partial manuscript requests
1 month for full manuscript requests

If you have not heard back from us by these suggested response times, please wait two weeks, and then query about the status of your material. Response times are subject to change depending upon who is currently reading the slush pile. At the moment, it is my assistant, Ms. Jodi Meadows.

My business phone number is (908)770-4614.


E-mail queries can be submitted to Lori at lperkinsagency AT yahoo DOT com.


Manic Mom said...

What is splatterpunk? I like the sound of that word, but have no idea what it means.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Psst... Jenny...

It should be NAVEL gazing, not NAVAL, unless you're a sucker for a man in uniform. *wink*

Thanks for posting this.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Think lots of people being slashed with knives and a high gore and blood factor... gratuitous violence, which isn't really necessary.

Jenny Rappaport said...

susan, mmm, men in uniform... fleet week in NYC as shown on "Sex and the City"... =)

Henna said...

Jenny, I sent something to Lori, oh, weeks ago and got an automated message. Am I to presume if there is no response that I've been rejected. It was via e-mail, and that might not have been the wisest course in retrospect.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Lori currently has in excess of 1300 e-mails in her inbox... I wouldn't assume that you've been rejected, especially as she only puts up the automatic messages when she's on vacation.

Henna said...

Thank you! I didn't want to bug anyone by sending an e-mail, so I'll hold my horses :) After reading how many e-mail queries Kristin gets through, I am not surprised by the amount Lori has either.

Rachel said...

You can also read my Pitching an Agent interview with Lori at Mediabistro for more information about what she's looking for.

Fourteen Year Old Writer said...

Is Amy Stout still with L. Perkins Agency?

Lisa said...

How does blogging impact a writer's ability to promote his or her career. In other words, if something (outrageous)is said in jest, can it hurt you later on?

Theresa said...

Great information here, thanks so much for posting this!

Robyn said...

I know you said you represent Fantasy but then romance with historical or paranormal elements. What would you consider a story that was romance with fantasy/paranormal elements? Is that something you do look at?

Warm regards,


adamszoo68 said...

Dumb question here, I think--

I'm editing for a client who has included both a British-style boarding school and a complex aerial game in his dragon-based middle-grade fantasy series.

I've told him (in strong words) that it doesn't matter if the details are different than J.K. Rowling's, he won't get past an editor's desk with these elements in place. The market is just too saturated.

Do you agree?
I'd like to back up my opinion with an in-the-field agent's take on this, if you don't mind giving it out.

Thank you in advance!
Linda Adams

H said...

Splatterpunk is an early 90s style of horror style. Check out David J.Schow (not be confused with Skal) for some examples.

Brandon Dennis said...

Thanks for the guidelines Jenny! I just got back from the post office, having mailed my fantasy novel submission to you. Don't worry; there are no elves, dwarves or farm boys (for they annoy me just as much, hehe). Thanks for the opportunity!


Yasamin said...

Hi Jenny,

Do you send responses to all who submit? or if you do not request a manuscript then there is no further communication? I was just wondering...

also if you do send form letters and such, what is your usual turn around time for that? I know some places say 10 days and some places say 4 months! so I was just wondering.

Thanks much!! :)

j h woodyatt said...

Um, "splattering of women's fiction" is a phrase that makes me squirm.

Cheryl DuCoin said...

Hi Jenny,

I see a link to Naomi Novik's, His Majesty's Dragon. Are you her agent? If so (remember Wayne's World?)

We Are Not Worthy!

I loved that book and rushed out to buy the whole trilogy. What other historical novels do you have in the works?

Cheryl DuCoin

Jenny Rappaport said...

I am not Naomi Novik's agent. I'd like to be, but am not. =)

Amy said...

Hi Jenny!
Your guidelines say that you will only ask for ms's by snail but I got a request for partial(yay) from your intern directing me to e-mail the chapters. Is that legit? I did send the chaps but have been chewing my nails hoping the request wasn't some crazy's idea of a sick joke on me. My nail beds would love to hear directly from you that this was a real request.

Amy said...

Sorry Jenny- forgot to add that Spencer's surname had a different spelling in the subject line of the request (no 's')which is what initially aroused my curiosity regarding the authenticity of the request.

Anonymous said...

Do you accept erotic romance? Do you have a preferred heat level?


Anonymous said...


You indicate you want a novel synopsis in a query, but you didn't mention a page count. I have both a 1-page and a 9-page synopsis. I would, of course, prefer to send the longer on but thought I should ask first. Which do you prefer?

Thank you,


Jenny Rappaport said...

Debbie, whichever one conveys the novel better. I don't need to know every detail, but I want to find out what happens at the end.

BrettMcBean said...

Hi Jenny.

My name is Brett McBean. I sent you an email query late November of last year - just wondering if you received it. I know how temperamental these computer-thingys can be, so if my email got lost in cyber-land, I would like to send you the query again.

Thanks for your time,

Stephen said...

When you say you like EVEN epic fantasy, does that mean it's actually low on your preference list, or just that cliche epic fantasy isn't your thing?

Say, are you seriously interested in unique epic fantasy, or just mildly so?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny, reading your preferences, I found myself nodding a lot, because I share a lot of them, especially YA fiction.

However, I got to your comment about not being interested in religious fiction. I am currently working on a YA Scifi novel where Catholicism and Protestantism plays a huge role in informing the characters' beliefs and world views, and their conflicts---but religion is not the main focus of the story. Would you still be interested?


Laura said...

Are you looking for M/M erotic romance with the new ebook publishing house Lori is starting?

Laura Baumbach

Jenny Rappaport said...

Laura, I'm not affiliated with the new e-publisher, so you'll have to ask Lori directly.

Jennifer said...

Do you have any interest at all in 'subtle' fantasy? I have a paranormal suspense/thriller that I'm shopping and would like to try for your personal rejection deal, but don't want to waste your intern's time on something you wouldn't be interested in because of its concept.

Deborah Blake said...

Hi Jenny,

Oops, sorry to come to this a bit late. You say that your response time is about 3 months. I sent you an equery on 4/13, which is almost 4 months ago, and have heard nothing. Should I assume it got eaten by the spamfilter spattermonsters and resend? (Thus placing myself back at the end of the queue...sigh.) I did follow the exact format for submissions. Deborah Blake
PS--I am still trying to figure out all this blogger there a way to subscribe to your blog so I know when you've added something new?

Lisa Whitefern said...

I didn't see you mention if you as an agent are interested in erotic romance.

To the people asking about Lori and submissions I read on her blog that she isn't taking on new clients at present.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider a fantasy (with romantic touches) that has seraphim and demons as characters, but isn't meant to preach anything, to be "religious in nature?" The demons are more like alligators, actually.

Thank you.fvlocw

Brendan McGinley said...

"I do not represent picture books, most types of nonfiction, and anything religious in nature. I am also not fond of literary fiction because I feel like it tends towards too much navel-gazing and overanalyzation of psyches."

Hear, hear! For every wonderful "Catcher in the Rye" there's a hundred self-interested bits of half-formulated thoughts that seek to escape plot by acting deeper than they are.

Kelsauthor said...

Hey Jenny,

I am a young writer and was curious about your idea of novel is definetly fantasy and though it deals with a God and celestial beings...I wouldn't call it religious...also I have reference to elves of the past...all pure bloods having died out.

Is that no good for your tastes??

Thanks so much!

Cody......... said...

The book I've just finished is "fantasy", technically, but not in the sense of like, Eragon-fantasy (which is amazing, just for the record). For instance, there are plants that are completely made up, a bridge that's two miles long despite the fact that it is a medieval-type world, and a city on a peninsula of land in the air held up only by two natural pillars of rock a thousand feet high. But there are no elves, no trolls, no magic or fantastic creatures of any kind. If it's cliche, it's swimming with the fish, I guess. Is that something you'd be interested in?