Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A RWA Kerfluffle

I am treading on cautious ground here, since I'd rather this blog not become one that's highly politically oriented. For the record, I'm a registered Democrat, I don't agree with Ms. Butler, and that's all I'll say. But this blog post makes for some interesting reading.


Laurel Amberdine said...

Wow, the internet sure has a special way of making everybody in that kind of debate sound like a jerk.

They all seem to miss the selling-lots-of-books point of publishing.

I am very glad this debate will never be seriously taken up in SF/F circles. :)

Catherine Avril Morris said...

I don't know, Laurel, I thought a lot of the responses to Ms. Butler's letter/corresponding blog posts were very intelligent, thoughtful and well-written. But I'm definitely biased on the opposite side of Ms. Butler, so maybe, reading through that filter, I can't see the jerk-ism in their responses.

I missed that letter in the RWR, but just read it in its entirety. Ugh, it scared me. Rampant homophobia, anti-liberalism, general bigotry, etc. etc. And yet if you look at her Web site she looks like such a nice lady. I'm sure she IS a nice lady (that is, as long as you're not gay or a heathen).

I actually felt insulted by her summation of RWA's supposed target demographic, since her morals so clearly diverge from my own.

Is this the kind of thing people should jump on or just ignore? I have no idea. Made for an interesting 1/2-hour of reading, though...when I was supposed to be writing! Thanks a lot, Jenny. :)