Saturday, August 12, 2006

Two Points

Really, there are times when I envy Miss Snark her ability to be snarky... =)

Two points to note, please:

1. If you have queried me about a project before, please do not requery me about the same project. This goes for anything that you may have queried me about while I was at Folio, and that I have responded to. I do not need to see multiple copies of the same query. If I have rejected your query once, you have a 99% chance that I am going to reject it again. This is not directed towards any one person; I have had several people, at least five or six by my count, do this, and it's really just rude.

2. My legal name is not Jennifer. My legal name is JENNY. Although I will read things addressed to Jennifer, out of common courtesy, I view it as if you had written me a query letter addressed to "Dear Adelaide"--obviously you haven't done your research.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming, and I will attempt to be more pleasant next time. =)


Jodi Meadows said...

Eee, if you ever want someone to be snarky on your behalf, you know where I am. I will destroy! I will smush! I will kick people in their knees!

And not share my coffee with them.

However, your snark is entertaining. I don't mind if you're snarky. :D

James Dashner said...

I must agree with Jodi. Your snarkiness becomes you. I daresay you are snarkier than the previously snarkiest person I knew.

Double query, honestly. That must mean those people sent a query and were rejected by every known agent in the world to have then started over. Oh, wait a minute, now I'm feeling sorry for these people.

But those who called you Jennifer should be hung up by their pinky toes until their brains explode.

Angela Hunt said...

Ack! I queried you recently. I do hope I didn't use Jennifer! I don't think I did...

But drat it, now you've got me hamstering over the thought. I better go check...

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, Jenny. My name is 'Lissa' (pronounced 'Liss-ah'), I am constantly called 'Lisa' (pronounced 'Lee-sah'). It drives me crazy and once it's in people's heads there's no changing it. My husband's name is legally 'Randy' and even my own Dad still doesn't get that it's not 'Randall'. Sigh.

Jennette said...

I hate being called Jennifer. Anyone who not only says the right name but spells it right gets bonus points. :)

I have to admit I requeried an agent once. His website stated that he responded to e-queries (the only kind he took) within days. After no response for a month, I requeried. A week later I got a form rejection and figured that was that. Then I got a request for a partial, probably from the second query.

They were the exact same query letter, go figure.

Jodi Meadows said...

Jennette, just goes to show everyone, once you have a good query letter, it really is all about getting it on the right desk on the right day. Go you!

Anonymous said...

So, does that mean if we haven't heard from you in two months it's not because you never received the query? Should we just assume it's
a "no"?

Anonymous (Because if you are still going through those email queries i don't want you to recognize my name!)