Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Far East Alchemy, August 2006

Because I was slow at turning this in, the August column is now getting published in September.

Here it is.

(And now, I'm off to figure out when my September column is due... =)


BuffySquirrel said...

Great column.

I have the DVD somewhere; I bought it, then omitted to watch it for reasons I don't quite understand. Must dig it out (when I'm done re-re-rewatching Gladiator).

Although I enjoyed Howl's Moving Castle, the Diana Wynne Jones book I love most is The Homeward Bounders. I think it's a masterpiece, although I don't much like the cricket match scene. Definitely would like to see that filmed.

Jenny Rappaport said...

I'm secretly praying that my September deadline is not due for say, awhile, because I haven't yet gotten the next DVDs I want to review from Netflix... =)

Virginia Miss said...

We rented the dvd. It scared my ten-year-old daughter (who didn't flinch throughout the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy) so much that she didn't quite finish it. I enjoyed the film but I think some of Jones' humor gets lost in translation.

EFlynn said...

I've enjoyed your articles on anime. Out of curiosity, did you learn Japanese before you became interested in manga and anime, or after?

anonyme said...

Umm, what happened to the promised posts on romance novels?

Jenny Rappaport said...

eflynn, I learned Japanese after I had become addicted to manga and anime. =)

My Japanese is currently quite rusty, although I can get along with some very basic conversation, and I understand a lot more than I can speak from watching anime. I want to take lessons again, but I've exhausted the ones at the community college (took them a few years ago, and it's still the same teacher and curriculum), which means either driving an hour to take them at Rutgers or taking the bus into NYC for an hour and take classes there. Neither is a great option right now, especially since to really be proficient in a language, you need several days a week of it.