Sunday, September 17, 2006

Making LIT SOUP prettier!

So, now that I've firmly sat there and bashed Firefox in the comments thread of the prior post, I wanted to add that I'm not offended or mad at any of the helpful suggestions people have made about it. I find it very nice of everyone, and thank you for your help. =)

What I would like help with is something that I have no skill at myself... I want to make LIT SOUP prettier. I have Photoshop lying around somewhere, but all I can really do with it is color drawings cel-style within it, and they're not even my own drawings, since I lack most art skills. And I haven't even bothered to do that in years...

So, what I do want is to make a nice logo for LIT SOUP. I have a very specific idea in mind, but no way to implement it myself, due to the lack of the aforementioned artistic talent. I have no desire to pay anyone to do it nor will I give any preferential literary treatment to anyone who would want to help me out with it. Basically, if you desire to be helpful, it's going to be out of the goodness of your own heart. I have a few basic questions to start with, since I'm assuming that I'm going to end up making the logo mostly on my own anyway:

  1. Where can I find sites that have a good selection of different fonts?
  2. Do some of these fonts have pictures that come with them?
  3. What sort of program should I be using to manipulate said fonts? Is it necessary for me to install Photoshop again (it's currently not installed on my computer)?
  4. Where can I find some decent Photoshop/font software program/something tutorials that will aid me in making my pretty logo with a nice font and pictures?


Heather said...

Easy peasy...

Google "free fonts" they come with picures ;)

Load Photoshop (it is the best - and since you already have it, use it)

Google "photoshop help" make sure to enter your version. You'll get wonderful tutorials.

You can also download really cool brushes for photoshop too (google: "free photoshop brushes"). That really helps with the design.

Mary Robinette Kowal said...

Or you can just ask a friend who does design and has lots of fonts on her computer... She'd do it out of the goodness of her heart. :)

Seriously, email me. We'll talk.

Milady Insanity said...

Try for the fonts.

Kimber An said...

I like it the way it is. The title would look better in a fancy font, but that's it. Less is more. Make it any fancier and you might distract from the blog itself. I'm a very visual person and my eyes and brain get very irritated when I have to look at anything cluttered. There's an agency's website that I could not bear to look at, so I wasn't able to learn anything about her tastes or sales record to tailor my query for her. I had to go on what AgentQuery had for her.

vanessa said...

I was going to mention basically the same as the others have. When I get a minute though, I may give the logo a shot.(And yes out of the kindness of my heart) Honestly I'm not making promises, but it sounds like a fun project. I'll be in touch.