Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So, um, I'm sorta famous?

I've been experiencing this strange sensation lately, when I realize that famous people who I've looked up to for years, actually know who I am. For example, if you'll scroll all the way back to the Worldcon post in August, you'll find that John Barnes (John Barnes, people!) commented on my blog. Do you have any idea what a cool personal thrill that was? John Barnes, whose books I have loved for years, easily for the last ten years, actually knows that I exist. It baffles the mind, and I wish that I had an e-mail address for him, so I could reply back.

And then, the other day, Doug Cohen (client) was telling me that he had told Dan Simmons (famous SF author) that I was his agent, and Dan Simmons knew who I was! I have never met Dan Simmons in my life, and have yet to read any of his books (although I did pick up one at Worldcon), and yet he knows who I am... I am flabbergasted.

Finally, to top it all off, I was just speaking to my friend, Mary, about the Apex raffle she's running, and she told me that I am the second-highest seller out of all sixty items or so. Second-highest seller! How the hell do so many people know who I am? It's very weird and cool, all at the same time. I want to say thank you to all the people who read this blog, who have bought tickets for the Apex raffle--it's a truly wonderful thing that you've done.

Now, I'm off to finish reading a wonderful novel about dogs, written by my client, Carl Frederick, which I have high hopes for. (And I get to sit next to the Labrador, Dusty, while I do this.) I don't think life gets much better, at least not for me. =)


Jodi Davis said...

Of course you're famous! And awesome.

Andrea said...

That's pretty validating, realizing people know you. You're leaving a mark!

BTW, thank you for the Naomi Novik recommendation. I'm about halfway through the first book and it's enthralling.

James Dashner said...

You'll only keep getting famouser and famouser. (Unless you use words like famouser when you meet famous people.)

That's awesome, Jenny. Imagine where you'll be in a couple of years--most famous agent in the history of mankind.

Of course, you could really go for it and become not only famous, but INfamous. (name that movie)

Congrats on the many requests for your critique.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Thanks for the encouragement, James, but somehow I don't think I'm going to be the most famous agent in history...

Kiwi said...

This shouldn’t be a surprise, Jenny. You are fast growing a reputation as an agent who sees past the slush pile to the authors beyond. Your kind consideration and respect is a testament of a good person with a truly professional approach to the industry. You bring a human face to this difficult business. And in a game known more for its hardnosed commercial pretensions than human kindness, this is saying something.

You might not be the most famous agent of all time, or sell the most books, but keep doing what you’re doing and people will know you as the kindest.

PS (Sorry, but I'm reserving the second title for my agent) LOLs

James Dashner said...

Well, we'll just see about that, Jenny, won't we? :-)

Kiwi said...

Wish both you and jenny, well, James. Your books a superb, love the upbeat prose style you have adopted. And, yes, fingers crossed for 'The Maze Runner." With the reputation you already enjoy as an author, and jenny has as an angent, i think this should be an easy sale. Keep up the good work, both of you.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Kiwi, I'm becoming curiouser and curiouser (is curiouser a real word?) about who you really are... you obviously know James, which means that you probably live in Utah, especially since you've read THE MAZE RUNNER too. Inquiring minds want to know. =)

And andrea, I'm glad you're liking the Naomi Novik books! I've got another great dragon series that you'll love... now I just have to sell it for my client... =)

kiwi said...

is curiouser a real word? It's functioning as a comparative adjective, I think, and reaches its audience with meaning still in place, so why shouldn't it be a real word. Whether it is 'legitimate' in the OED sense, probably not. Though I suspect Buffysquirrel will know!

Re: who am I? No mystery here, sorry. I don’t know James personally, though I know a couple of his books and his website (which is brilliant by the way). Naomi Novik works are inspiring, also, and I’m thrilled to see Peter Jackson has optioned … congratulations! And doubly so, since he is a Kiwi too.

In short, I'm just another writer who likes to see fellow writers and their hard working agents do well.

James Dashner said...

Kiwi, thank you very much for the nice words, you really made my day. Now I'm rooting for you, too, even though I don't know who you are.

For the rest of my life, when I cut off someone on the highway, I'll say to myself, "Gee, I hope that wasn't Kiwi."

By the way, I'm finally convinced. I'll be reading Novik very soon. Especially since I worship Peter Jackson.

Joe said...

Funny. I've always assumed that curiouser was a word but, according to dictionary.com, it isn't. Well, damn.


Ben S. D. said...

james: The movie is "The Three Amigos." ;)

And congrats, Jenny. Must be a good feeling. :)

BuffySquirrel said...

Interestingly, 'curiouser' isn't in the OED as a word, but the Dodgson phrase, 'curiouser and curiouser' is, defined as "more and more curious, increasingly strange".

James Dashner said...

Ben, you nailed the movie. Your stock just went up on the Dashner Exchange. :-)

Whoa, it just quadrupled when I checked your blog and saw you're a huge NFL fan. I was born and raised in Atlanta, and I am the biggest Falcons fan on Earth. Last Monday just about killed me.

Sorry for the tangent, Jenny. It's Ben's fault.

Ben S. D. said...

LIES! I do no tangents in blog replies. Not ever. ;)

And yes, it's true I'm a NFL fan. And in my Pick 'Em league, I had 9 confidence points on Atlanta last week. Thanks, FALCONS. Heh...I shouldn't talk, being a SF fan and all.

Okay. We'll stop now, Jenny. :)