Saturday, September 23, 2006

Win a novel critique!

Hello all! I'm having a lovely holiday so far with family and friends, but I wanted to pop in briefly for a moment. I know that I alerted you all to the wonderful Save Apex raffle that's going on now, run by Mary Robinette Kowal. Well now, they're raffling off one novel critique by moi!

Get the first three chapters or fifty pages of your novel critiqued, plus up to a ten page synopsis. I'll most likely scribble all over your manuscript and also type up detailed comments about it. You'll have to snail mail the manuscript to me, but I'll pay for the return postage back, so no need to include an SASE.

Bid away, folks!

(But don't let this stop you from sending me query letters still. =)


Catherine Avril Morris said...

I hafta say, I'm not connected to this raffle at all, but just as one of Jenny's clients, she is an excellent critiquer. She's helped me revise two of my mss. and has given really savvy, insightful, detailed suggestions. So I say, if you want an excellent critique, buy yer raffle tickets!

Linda said...

Well, I bought a ticket for this and several other offerings. I never actually win anything (never), so Jenny's in no danger whatsoever of being subjected to one of my mss.. :) This is a good cause, though, so thanks for pointing me to it!