Wednesday, October 25, 2006

FYI: Submissions Guidelines

Ok, so here is the serious post... voila, submissions guidelines!

I'm going to put a permanent link to the post in the sidebar.


kiwi said...

Fantastic work, Jenny, this offers clear detail on material sought and method of contact. And as we have come to expect from you, it’s personalized and considerate.

I loved the tactful ‘no’ to Jordan apologists. People there is only One Robert Jordan!

Now you only have to worry about writers who contact you from other 'uninformed' sources :)

Carlotta said...

Hi Jenny,

Do you have a list of books you've sold, or a list of your clients available? I am following Miss Snark's advice (ask 'what have you sold?' before querying). Apologies if you already answered this question.

kiwi said...

Carlotta, James Dashner, who comments here from time to time, is one of Jenny's clients. I highly recommend a visit to his website; his books are great fun and well worth the read.

For sales, see Jenny's latest post if you haven't already.