Monday, October 23, 2006

Good morning update

Hello LIT SOUP readers! It is a beautiful chilly morning here in NJ, and I'm happily working away. For those that are curious to what I intend to do today, here's a brief list.

Dig through my e-mail and respond to lots of stuff
Dig through Lori's e-mail and respond to lots of stuff (Lori is currently out-of-town until Halloween)
Make corresponding phone calls, if needed, to deal with stuff from e-mails
Package up several manuscripts to mail off to editors today (and go to the post office)
Write a pitch letter for a new project I want to send off
Call up lots of editors to pitch them several different projects
Drop off my new project to get photocopied, if need be
Process billing
Make chicken marsala (it's the boyfriend's 27th birthday and he has requested it for dinner)
Read client material

On the e-query front, I went through a HUGE batch of them this weekend, and I'm down to 98 ones to go. If you haven't heard from me yet, bear with me for another few days, as I'm still working on them.

And now, ladies and gentleman, I am off to go back to work, but future blogging posts shall be coming much, much later this evening. I hope everyone has a good day! =)


James Dashner said...

Jenny, by "my project" do you mean something you've written? Did I miss that somewhere? Tell us about it when you have a sec.

Good luck with everything. If you ever get overwhelmed, think of the alternative--nothing to do--and you'll get right perked up!

Jenny Rappaport said...

Nope, nothing that I've written, James. I just mean it's a new client project that's going out to editors today. =)

I'm thinking more of... oh god, I've never made chicken marsala before in my life, and I have to find a recipe. =)

Maria said...

Chicken Marsala is not easy--done properly it requires about 45 minutes of reducing the marsala wine (which ain't cheap!) If you don't reduce it enough, the chicken/sauce is overpowering...If you have a Carrabbas up there, I'd go get takeout chicken marsala...

Carrabba's book.. Ciao Y'all has a pretty good recipe under Breast of Pheasant with mushrooms. It's basically a marsala recipe where I sub chicken breasts.

Another tip:
To help the reduction, put two tablespoons of butter in the marsala while you're reducing--the fat picks up the taste of the wine and keeps it from evaporating too quickly. The recipe already calls for butter, just use some of it in the marsala reduction!!!

Good luck!

Here's a link to a caesar-salad recipe on my website:


Christine Keach said...

What a cheerful post this morning! I hope the chicken turns out okay. Don't work too hard and have a great day yourself.

Jordan Summers said...

Hope the boyfriend has a very Happy Birthday! :D Here's a cheat for Chicken Marsala. British and Indian grocery stores (International grocery stores) sell two different kinds of Marsala in a bottle. Both are very good. All you have to do is cut up the chicken and cook it in a little butter, then pour the Marsala sauce over the top. :) If you want to add more curry powder or some raisins into the sauce, you can. Here's hoping there's a store near you. ;)

December Quinn said...

Happy birthday to the boyfriend!

Can't offer any other tips on the marsala, but I will give you a trick for cooking mushrooms. Mushrooms absorb oil when cooking, then release it when they're done. It's a good way to know they're cooked without having to taste them while cooking, and prevents the dish from being too oily as well.

Maria said...

Oh--use Dry Marsala, not the sweet!!! If I had the complete recipe I'd send it, but unfortunately, I'm still working on the one I use...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE chicken marsala... that and chicken parmigiana are my favorites!

Sounds like you've had a productive day Jenny. I love when Monday's fly by because numerous projects and getting attention.

I had a crappy Monday, but hey, that's just me :D

Keesa said...

You know you've been reading too many agents' blogs when you see something like '98 left...' and think, Wow, she's really been busy.