Friday, October 13, 2006

Random moments of joy

In the middle of today, which was somewhat stressful for personal reasons, I happened to be standing outside of Walmart holding a giant 21 quart stockpot and my canning rack. I was waiting for my father to come and pick me up, and there were several other people also standing in front of the store for similar reasons. Two of them, a man and a woman with wonderful Caribbean accents, started sponteaneously singing hymns; their voices were beautiful, mixing together in harmony, and completely carrying the songs acapella. There was a nice breeze blowing, the sun was shining, and I was glad that I got to hear the impromptu concert.

There are small moments like this in every day, and I sometimes think that the world as a whole overlooks them. We shouldn't. We should find them, we should make them, and we should embrace them for what they are--little glimpses of happiness, shared with others.


kiwi said...

Two words: damn straight!

Jodi Meadows said...

*sigh* That sounds wonderful.

And you're right! These moments are too often overlooked. Good for you for recognizing a good thing when you see (hear!) it.


BuffySquirrel said...

There's a narrow gauge railway near where we live that we visit occasionally. One time, a choir of boys from Kenya was visiting the local area and travelling on the train, and as it went along, they sang. It was marvellous.

Maprilynne said...

Wow. That sounds beautiful. I'm glad you got the experience.

James Dashner said...

We have a severe burn victim who plays some kind of funky flute downtown all the time. It's really awesome, and I love to sit and hear him play.

Hey, right on, if you don't look for those good moments, you'll sure find a lot of crappy ones.