Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why dogs rock

Read the article while it's still available for free.


kiwi said...

talk about win-win, just brilliant to hear about these types of programs.

Henna said...

I watched a similar prog within Canadian women's prisons where they took stray dogs and trained them. That, too, seemed to have a profound effect on the women. I do hope these programs continue, not just for the servicemen but for the prison system. As always it's down to money when it shouldn't be.

As the mother of a serviceman who came out of Afghanistan last thursday and (thank God) with all his limbs, I can only applaud such things as this. Because of the prevalence of mines my son and I discussed that awful 'what-if' scenario. The example of this soldier and one of R's fellow soldiers from Edmonton Garrison goes a long way to helping others.

mdn said...

Raise the woof! That's a great program.