Wednesday, October 25, 2006

With her permission

The other day I received the nicest e-mail from Jenny Bent of the Trident Media Group, who kindly said that I could post it on my blog, since she wasn't signed up for Blogger. So with her permission, here's what she wrote... it really made my day to read it. =)

Hey Jenny,

We've never met, but I tend to get a lot of flak for things I say on the internet as well. Mostly I'm misquoted, and it gets really annoying, but there was a certain e-query snafu out of my office which generated a lot of negative attention. Even though I'm almost 37, and have been doing this forever, I still find it hurtful when people lash out at me. I commend you for your honesty and poise in dealing with stupid hostile people who should really think before they alienate people who are in a position to help them.

Best of luck to you!

P.S. Feel free to post this if you want….I couldn’t comment on your site because I’m not signed up with blogger.

Jenny Bent

Trident Media Group


harried mom said...

I often refer to Jenny Bent's website for her info on subbing book proposals. It's one of my bookmarks as is yours. Thanks for posting her email. Great minds...

Sam said...

What a nice note from Ms. Bent! I think she's a wonderful agent - and a nice person to e-mail you.
I know what it's like to stir up flak on the internet. I dared voice an opinion on my own blog and was severely castigated on numerous other blogs (and this just a week before my first RT convention - I had people saying they couldn't wait to see me there and tell me what they thought of me...needless to say I ceased to anticipate the convention.)
It was a comfort to have the support of several other writers and some reader friends who stuck up for me.
Luckily, attention spans are short and everything blows over quickly.
(But I know how good this note must have made you feel!)

Kimber An said...

It's nice to see agents sticking up for each other. Way to go! Does Ms. Bent know how to shoot spit-wads?

December Quinn said...

Yet another reason to think Jenny Bent is a hero.

And the rest of us agree with her, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I second december quinn.

One of the first pieces of advice I read when starting to query was not to bad-mouth agents on your blog/forum/whatever (especially when there is nothing important to rant about!)

Karma assures that the agent will eventually see your rant - the day your query letter hits their desk.

kiwi said...

ditto december quinn and sheila.

Ms. Bent is absolutely right, to paraphrase, why attack people who are well placed to help you in writing endeavors?

Frustration is part of the writer’s life. Successful writers learn to channel frustration back into their work. To project it, to use it as a weapon, to attack and destroy with it, is to throw away a precious gift; the grain of coarse sand that forms the peril.

James Dashner said...

Sounds like there's at least two good agents out there named Jenny.

Good Lord that sounds like brown nosing but it's not. It's butt kissing.

I'm just kidding. Very nice email, and you deserve it. I'm glad you nabbed me as a client before you became rich and famous. :-)

McKoala said...

I love to see people supporting one another like this. That's the internet at its best.

geminipen said...

I submitted to Ms. Bent. Though she rejected my query, it was one of the only ones I received that didn't make me want to quit the "business" and take a long walk off a short pier.

Thank you for your sensitivity to the work which is so dear to our hearts, Miss Bent!

Jodie said...

how wonderful - take that!