Friday, October 27, 2006

World Fantasy

I announced on here, many moons ago, that I was going to attend World Fantasy. This is a friendly reminder, that yes, I will be there. And I'm looking forward to it like nothing else! =)

So here's how things are going to work this year, since I'm sure that some of the LIT SOUP readers are going as well. I didn't apply to be on programming this year, primarily because I wanted to get the chance to hang out with some of my clients who will be there, as well as to soak in the general atmosphere of the con. A number of my friends will be there as well, and I'm looking forward to hanging out with them too. Yet despite all this wonderful networking I shall be doing with clients and friends, I'm interested in meeting some of you guys too.

So, if you will be at World Fantasy between November 2nd-November 5th, and you would like to meet me, you can call my cell phone at (908)770-4614, which is also my business line. Note that these are the only four days where I am giving arbitrary permission to call me at will without risk of violating any sort of agent etiquette codes. What will happen after you call my cell is that I will either answer it or you will have to leave a voicemail with your return number. I'll do my best to call people back, and try to arrange to be in the same place as you are, so at the very least we can say "Hello!" in person. Please remember that I do have some obligations to take care of during the convention, so I may not be able to meet everyone in the entire world. (I am terrified that tons and tons of people will call my cell phone, which would be very cool, but also quite overwhelming.) Please only call me if you are at the convention itself; if people use this as an opportunity to try and solicit me to read your query letter over the phone, then I will quickly stop answering my phone.

I will be accompanied by my boyfriend, Chris, as well as by my boss Lori Perkins and her own wonderful guy. Because I sold my first book over the summer, Lori will be throwing me a celebratory party on the evening of Saturday, November 4th, after the World Fantasy Awards banquet. One and all are invited to come, although I don't know exactly which room number it will be. I shall be all dolled-up, having just come from the banquet, and I intend to have fun! So if you'll be at World Fantasy, come and stop by on Saturday night!

As an unrelated sidenote: I'm going to open the blog back up to anonymous comments again, but if my comment spam skyrockets, I will be closing it back to only blogger accounts.


Gord Rollo said...

Have fun Jenny,

I'd simply love to come to WFC this year, to meet Lori and yourself, but I don't think I can make it. There is still a tiny hope I can but it isn't looking great. If not this con, hopefully soon. Have fun for me.


Jodi Meadows said...

I'll be there, and I definitely want to meet!

(I don't think I'm allowed to use exclamation points any more this year, so pretend like you didn't see that one. *giggles*)

Kat said...

I'll be there, and it's likely we will meet, since the hubby and I are volunteering this year and volunteers get EVERYWHERE. But I'll make a note of that number just in case serendipity is not on my side.

Man -- WFC is going to be a *blast* this year.

ksgreer said...

I'll be there, although much of that is because now I live in Austin. I say, to celebrate, you absolutely must do Kerbey Lane (pancakes the size of your head!) and Toy Joy. Just ask any Austinite you see, and they'll tell you all about Toy Joy. It's pretty much an Austin institution, right up the road from Manjia (the pizza place with Godzilla on the roof).

I am so not making that up.

Hey, it's Austin! I don't know if I'll get the nerve to call and say hello, since I'm not a regular, but if you're looking for suggestions for dinner away from the hotel while you're here, I can at least send you in some good directions.

slwhitman said...

One of my authors will be there, though sadly I won't be. I just recently posted that she'll be reading from In the Serpent's Coils (the first volume of the Hallowmere series) one of the days, though it's slipped my mind whether it's Friday or Saturday. So keep an eye out for Tiffany Trent.

katiesandwich said...


I'm so jealous; I've been wanting to get to WFC for a few years now. Congrats on making that sale this summer. I'm new to the blog, so I hadn't heard about it before now.

Also, I know you've gotten some crap from people who discriminate against you because you're young. Don't listen to them! Actually, the fact that you're young makes me feel less nervous about querying you, because I'm young, too, and I'm always afraid agents will discover my age and be less eager to work with me. I don't fear that with you. :)

tcastleb said...

I'll be there, too. I won't call, but I'm sure I'll see you around somewhere, hopefully at your party, if nowhere else. :>)

Manic Mom said...

How fun, and how nice of you to offer to meet the readers. That is the sign of a very cool agent!

James Dashner said...

I'm so jealous. Just like with Worldcon, my schedule didn't work out.

I hereby swear on the life of my neighbor's mother that I will attend something in 2007. Jenny, do you know your schedule next year? I really want to meet you face to face!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Enjoy the party, Jenny. You've earned it.

Hope you meet lots of us cool writers, too, and that no one abuses your poor cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your book sale :)

Jenny Rappaport said...

anonymous, it would really help to know which "Rachel" you are... =)

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Whoa, this is coming up this weekend! Jeez...I've been thinking of this as this far-off thing... "I get to meet Jenny in November!" And now November's on Wednesday. Anyway, big congrats on selling your first book, and may it soon be many more (one or two with my name on 'em :-D). Can't wait to meet you in person.