Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I'm a lucky agent, since so many of the wonderful new clients that I've picked up have gone out and sold books on their own, before becoming my clients. One of them is Steve Berman, who is not only a great writer, but the co-editor of the following anthology. Even though I didn't represent this one (and hence, won't make a dime on it), you should all go forth and buy it! =)

Gay Spirit in Storytelling
Edited By Toby Johnson & Steve Berman
A December '06 release from Lethe Press
Paperback, 308 pages, $16.00

Storytelling can be a way of spinning straw into gold, of showing ourselves we have drawn a long straw in this life. Editors Toby Johnson (Lambda Award-winning author of Gay Spirituality) and Steve Berman (author of the forthcoming Vintage) offer readers a collection of over thirty short works of inspirational fiction and personal essays as an alternative to the stories that society often tells about gay men. Some are whimsical with a touch of enchantment, some profoundly spiritual, others romantic--all offer insight into modern gay life that will charm as well as shed light on the grace of being gay with tales of hope against adversity and love over loneliness. Contributors include such noted authorities in the field of gay culture and faith as Perry Brass, Don Clark, Jay Michaelson, Andrew Ramer, and Mark Thompson.

Here's links for Charmed Lives:


TLABooks, an independant gay bookseller:

Or ask for it at your brick-and-mortar store with ISBN 1590210166

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