Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Public Service Announcement

I am out of the office during the week of Thanksgiving and will be returning to work full-time on Monday, November 27th. I apologize for being out of touch lately, but after being ill with a stomach virus for all of last week, I then attended a work-related convention (Philcon) and reception (SFWA) for the last four days. I am cooking Thanksgiving for my family this year, and as almost all of the rest of publishing takes off for part or all of this week, I feel that I'm justified in doing so as well.

What this means practically:
I will be returning e-mails to a tiny number of clients who urgently need to be reassured about various things. I'll probably be blogging about stuff later when I get a chance, as the lovely Julie Wright has demanded a blog post about me throwing Thanksgiving. I have an actual backlog of blog questions to answer, so if you have sent me e-mail in the last two weeks or so, rest assured that I've got your question and I'm going to answer it. I will be posting the big news in hopefully an hour, when I locate batteries for my digital camera, so I can transfer pictures off of it. (If you know what the big news is already, don't spoil the minor surprise for other people, please. =)

Thank you everyone for your understanding and patience, as I truly appreciate the fact that I have wonderful blog readers and clients.


December Quinn said...

I was posting a worried comment about you as you typed this, apparently.

Glad everything is okay. Cook your turkey upside down for the first hour or so and it will be juicier.

Laurel Amberdine said...

*Photographic surprise impatience* :)

Hope your stomach is feeling all better. That's a pretty rough sequence of events to have all in a row!

LadyBronco said...

*waiting with baited breath*

Karen said...

Ooo, can't wait for that surprise. And for your reply to my manuscript. ;)

Anonymous said...

why do blogging people always apologize for not blogging for some time ..

just blog when you can .. blogs are arbitrary compositions that people have every right to blog when they want and how often ..

keep up the good work.

Diane Turnshek said...

Hi, Jenny,
I didn't get a chance to say Hi at the SFWA Publishers Reception, but I'm glad you attended. Did you have fun? Meet people? Yeah, yeah--that's what it's all about.

I was going around asking if agents thought they'd be interested in participating in a "speed dating" type game with authors at the upcoming Nebula Awards Weekend (in NYC in May). I must say, I got some interesting looks.

Hopefully, NY agents will get an invite in a month or so--and you heard it here first.