Monday, November 06, 2006

The Worst Witch

I discovered just now that one of my questions had actually been answered on Neil Gaiman's blog. I think I shall go die of happiness now. =)


Jodi Meadows said...

It's more than possible that my eyes need to be checked again (I just did it this year! *sniff*), but he said "it was..." and never finished? That tease!

(Or I'm just super confused today, and don't mind me.)

Jodi Meadows said...

Oh, now I see. I lost my pep yesterday, and apparently my ability to read, too. ;)

*spams Jenny's blog*

JimFreedan said...

Here you go Jenny. Re-live the magic which is the Tim Curry music video!

December Quinn said...

Gaaaah! "Anything can happen on Halloween..."

Make it stop! Make it stop!

I used to watch that stupid movie all the time on HBO.

JimFreedan said...

I use to watch it too every year as a kid. I really looked forward to it for some reason. However, I've recently re-watched it and now can't imagine why. The acting is pretty bad.

And I can't believe I never realized Tim Curry has an orgasm in the middle of that horrible music video.

Tim Curry should resume his role as The Lord of Darkness from 'Legend' and sing this song in another music video.

In fact...that gives me an idea for a book...