Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dream Books

This post should have been written before Christmas, but oh well, it's a good one anyway. (Disclaimer: Buying me any of these books will not make me love your manuscript, so please don't attempt to do so as a form of bribery.)

I've got a list, you see. It's not long; rather short in fact. But it's my list of dream books--the kind that I want to own so badly that you can taste it. Most of them are quite expensive, so I don't really expect to get them from my friends or family. But I figured I'd list them here, since I'm curious as to what other people have on their dream book list... some of you out there have to have the same biblio-obsession that I do. =)

The List:
  1. A complete set of Jane Austen. I want one book for each novel, in hardcover, preferrably with a pretty cover on the front, or otherwise bound in good leather. I want them unabridged. I want them to all match each other. And I want them to be mine.
  2. Any of the books that are available through the Persephone Books website, which prints wonderful books that have been formerly out of print. I'm particularly interested in SAPLINGS by Noel Streatfeild, whose children's books I adored when I was younger. But really, I want the whole collection at this point. And also THE MAKING OF A MARCHIONESS by Frances Hodgson Burnett, whose other books I also loved. Those are my top two from the site, so far. But like I said... the whole collection calls to me!
  3. A hardcover US edition of the first Harry Potter book, so that my set of hardcovers will be complete. If it was a first edition hardcover, that'd be even better, but I'm not really not picky about this one. I just want the matching set.
  4. Similar to number one, I want a good edition of JANE EYRE to have. Hardcover, with either a pretty cover, or good leather.
  5. Finally, I want the complete journals of L. M. Montgomery, which are available in five volumes, and not cheap at all. I read the first one from the college library, and they're so good that I think they even equal her novels. She had an interesting life, and a wonderful way of describing it. And oh, the love affair!
So folks, what's on your dream books list?


Jodi said...

Mmm, books.

I like it when my books match, too, that way they all fit on the shelf nice and neat next to each other.

Now I kind of want to go to the book store and roll around in the books.

BuffySquirrel said...

I want the Complete OED in however-many-volumes. Oh, and somewhere to put it.

December Quinn said...

I already have a big one. I have an autographed, illustrated, leather-bound edition of The Caine Mutiny, my favorite book. A friend of mine gave it to me several years ago and I almost cried.

I'd love Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, both volumes.

I'd love the complete OED, too, Buffy. With a wooden stand.

There are quite a few historical books I'd like, too, one on the medieval Welsh Princes that's like $300 or something.

Oh, I know there's more...

Don said...

For me, the dream book would be a complete OED. And perhaps an Encyclopedia Brittanica. Alas, my wife thinks that I have too many books as it is (personally, I'd just as soon get rid of some of that silly furniture to have room for more bookshelves).

chisem said...

Only one.
My first published work of fiction autographed by my agent.

Becca said...
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Becca said...

I'd love an OED on DVD so it can come with me.

And the complete first editions of everything by my favorite authors from my childhood, including L. Frank Baum, CS Lewis, Lewis Carroll, Dr. Seuss, Bill Peet, Loiusa May Alcott...the list goes on. And on. And on.

Jeff Strand said...

Those awesome hardcover collections of THE FAR SIDE and CALVIN & HOBBES.

December Quinn said...

Totally forgot! I'd love a complete Pepys Diaries. I don't even know if you can get them.

Joshua Minton said...

My dear, for the best Jane Austen series ever printed by the feeble hands of man--look no further than the Easton Press.

Warning: These books are expensive but they are lifetime partners to be treasured and passed down to the person you love most in the world. I made the mistake of getting the Tolkien series a few years ago and about two grand later I have a nice little collection going.


Joshua Minton said...

Sorry that link didn't come through. Here is the link to the Jane Austen series.