Sunday, December 24, 2006

Odds and Ends

A random bunch of stuff to blog about today:

  1. The always-amusing John Scalzi has been given an entire page in the NY Times Book Review. My, oh my, what is the world coming to, actually acknowledging science fiction... =) I don't agree with all the points that the review raises (for example, I loved THE ANDROID'S DREAM to the point where I then wanted to go out and purchase ceremonial sheep trinkets and jewelry for Scalzi... I restrained myself, but there are many nifty ones out there in Internet-land), but I think it's good that SF is getting recognition in a major newspaper. So go ahead and read it!
  2. You know that cold, that I said went away? Whoops, it didn't go away! It has now morphed into a lovely sinus infection--yay, bacteria for Christmas! Who could ask for a better present? =)
  3. I can actually see over 50% of the surface of my desk. The apocalypse may be near.
  4. All my Hanukkah and Christmas cards were sent out this morning; better late than never! And they come complete with a picture of Zoe, too. Now I just have to get the ones for my clients out via e-mail.
  5. We've decided that Zoe has a cold because she keeps sneezing, and has wonderful assorted types of gunk coming out of her eyes and nose. So we decided to give her diluted chicken broth for it, which is what it says to do in KITTENS FOR DUMMIES (the Kitten Bible in our house). She drank a little bit of it, and then proceeded to meow up a storm until I gave her her dish of kitten food back, which I had removed before putting the chicken broth down. Silly kitten.
  6. Lots of Christmas presents for Chris' family that we have to wrap tomorrow, which shall be my primary occupation other than sleep.
  7. My brother got to go see "Avenue Q" today, and I am so jealous of him. I want to see that too!
  8. And finally, the guy who helped put many of us through college has died. Who would have ever guessed that the Stafford loan program is actually named after someone? RIP, Robert Stafford.


Bernita said...

Wishing you holiday Joy, Jenny.

Jodi said...

Gah, full scale sickies? Boo. And Zoe, too? Double boo!

Kippy hasn't gotten sick, yet, but sometimes the ferrets get (my) colds. *rolls eyes* They have this stuff you can make them smell to unplug their noses so they can breathe. I wonder if they have something similar for cats.

Also, desk half clear? I'll send you a helmet just in case of the apocalypse. Run! :D

Have a great holiday!