Monday, December 18, 2006

Vacation, Day 1

I'm off to take the kitten to the vet in a second, when my father arrives to pick me up, although I must first extract her from our shower where she is playing. I go armed with lots of treats and an adorable poop sample (to test that she's been fully dewormed); oh, my father will love driving with it in the car. Eep, except she just ran on top of the keyboard and is now playing behind my printer. The joys of playing with a small furry lovable baby. =)

I am also disgustingly sick with a bad cold right now, although that does have its benefits--I simply cannot fathom the thought of going to the dentist while feeeling so miserable, so I get to avoid the drill and getting my tiny cavity filled for a bit. And that's about my life right now.

I got cool Hanukkah presents, one of which, THE PINHOE EGG by Diana Wynne Jones, I have devoured already. More later, including a long post I want to write about good hooks.


Jodi said...

Good luck at the vet!

I loff having to take itty samples to the vet. /sarcasm. And you know, there's something about new moms and pet owners that makes them not mind talking about poop. I dunno what it is, but it's fascinating. *grin*

Sorry to hear that you're sick. This hasn't been a good year for you and colds, has it? Boo!

I'm *so* looking forward to your post on hooks. I really like the one you rewrote for me (thanks again!), and I'm super curious to see what you, as a fantasy reader and agent, are looking for.

PS. The word verification hates me. Boo.

Anonymous said...

"Adorable poop sample"...omg, that really got me.

We have an adorable little girl kitty (our only girl among many boys) and *everything* she does is unbelievably cute and dainty. So I can totally understand where you're coming from.

Anonymous said...

It would be really interesting to get a 'fantasy' perspective Many of the fantasy hooks on Miss Snark's spend words describing/setting up their world (mine included!)I was wondering whether this was something agents who deal with fantasy like/want or do they want specifics of 'the who and what' of the story?

Anonymous said...

Kitties are so cute :) Hope that you feel better soon and have a good vet visit with Zoe.

I'd like to agree with anonymous that it would be nice to get your thoughts on how fantasy hooks differ and how much world-building do you want to see.

Since mine is up there, I'll comment anonymously.

December Quinn said...

Feel better soon, Jenny.

Yes, once pets and kids enter the picture, poop as a topic of conversation becomes normal. As it was when we were kids. I guess it's really only in our teens and early, carefree twenties that poop isn't important, because when we're little we talk about it with our parents, then we...

See? Now I write long, meandering blog replies about poop talk. Sigh.

Tess said...

Hope little Zoe's appointment went well :-)

And how did the Menorah lighting go? I wouldn't let my younger furry baby anywhere NEAR a candle. She's completely crazy and would either a) try to eat it or b) try to "play" with it *g*.

Looking forward to pictures of Zoe when you get a chance :-)