Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lori's Blog

Ok, I'm back from the great beyond of non-blogging for the last few days. I've been busy, busy, busy; what else is new? =)

My parents and I have successfully managed to hunt, snare, and capture that elusive creature known as "the comfortable desk chair for short people". It took us the better part of the weekend, but finally, upon the plains of the Eatontown Office Max, we were successful! I have tamed it and am now sitting in its soft embrace. Go ergonomics!

And now, what this post is really about.... drumroll, please. My boss, the fabulous Lori Perkins, now has a blog of her own. Hop on over to Agent In The Middle and say "Hi!" My blog is sometimes silly and sometimes sarcastic and sometimes actually tells something useful about agenting. Lori's blog, on the other hand, will tell you the secrets of having been a literary agent for the last twenty years. The deep, dark secrets that only age and battle scars earn you--hence, a different perspective on publishing than mine, and one that I think is worth checking out.


Jodi said...

Ooo, deep dark agent secrets! I'm in!

I syndicated her on lj:

agentinthemiddle was too long by one letter. *rolls eyes*

And go desk chair! I hope this means that, since you'll be so comfy, you'll be posting here about 50 times a day. You will, right? Right? ;)

December Quinn said...

Ah, yes, the comfy chair for short people...especially hard to find when you also need one comfy for a 6 foot 2 husband!

Tess said...

Thanks for the link :-) Will add it to my RSS reader.

Alex Adams said...

What?? There's a comfy office chair for us shorties?? Uhem. More details please :)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

HA! One of my friends pointed me to it and I looked and said, "I think I know who that was." And right I was.

Btw, shoulda asked about the desk chair for short folk. I've got the champ of desk chairs for short folk and would have been glad to share my secret. Next time, keep me in mind.

Ben Parris said...

There's that generation gap again. Back when I was a kid, ergonomics meant something very different. My mom used to say, "I paid a lot of money for that, ergo, you better like it." Right up until high school, I thought Ergo was her nickname for me, sounding vaguely Mediterranean as it did. Thus, my other pet peeve: adults who communicate with their kids with words they couldn't know yet.

BTW, every single time I try to leave a comment, it won't go through unless I repeat the process of signing up for an account. I re-create it using the same email, the same password every time (they tell me that the password I have chosen is strong), and agree again to the terms of service. Does anyone know what's up with that? Maybe this nutiness will do me some good and inspire a story. :)