Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Nothing is super-obvious."

The post title is a direct quote from our vet, Dr. Toll, who happily went and examined Zoe this afternoon.

Basically, there could be a number of things wrong with my kitten, but the most likely one is that she has a virus/kitten cold. Her throat is raw (yes, cats get sore throats--the things we learn at the vet!), and she has a temperature of 102 degrees, which is just below where the vet would declare that she has a fever (that's at 103 degrees). She also could definitely have a hairball somewhere in her digestive system, so we have been sent home with the wonderful product known as CatLax. We've also been given three cans of special "very appetizing" wet food for cats and dogs, which Zoe does indeed like, as she ate several tablespoons worth upon arriving home. The special wet food contains such marvelous ingredients as pork liver. Pork liver, I say! Apparently, quite a delicacy, if you're a feline. =)

And finally, to add to all the virus and hairball symptoms, Zoe, it turns out, is teething. She's currently getting her adult canines in, which is quite neat because she literally has a set of double teeth--her baby canines are still there, and growing behind them are tiny little nubs of tooth that will eventually be her adult canines. And like all young animals or humans, teething can make her gums and mouth sore, so that's also another possible reason why she's not eating.

So basically, we feed her the special wet food, give her some CatLax each day, and if she's not feeling better by Friday night, then Chris will take her back to the vet on Saturday morning. But happily, at this point, it seems she's just sick.


PS. Killer Yapp, Zoe sends her regards to you, and respectfully declines your offer to help her exercise. She would prefer playing with your ears and tail, she says, if the two of you do meet. Be forewarned. =)


kiwi said...

pleased to hear things aren't too serious.

Scott Marlowe said...

Sounds like you may have already had this answered with going to the vet and all, but our dogs have both had bronchitis (kennel cough) and what may seem like choking is actually their way of coughing. It's alarming for us and not very comfortable for them.

Fortunately its easily treatable. ;-)

Gina Black said...

You know, my daughter always got sick when she was teething. It does stress the immune system.

Tess said...

Hope the CatLax does the trick and that her temp goes back to normal. I do remember when Cleo was teething that she didn't eat much either. And I think we found at least one of her baby teeth - believe she swallowed the rest!

Ear scratches for Zoe from me and more purrs from Chloe and Cleo.

julie wright said...

Glad your kitty is well, Jenny. :)

DanStrohschein said...

I'm glad to hear that the little one is OK! Just part of her stages of growing up, I suppose.

BuffySquirrel said...

Poor kitty. Hope she's soon back to chasing the dust bunnies.

cm allison said...

I remember last year when I was teething. Didn't feel like eating either. It will pass, and you'll have REAL cat teeth. Hope we get to play someday, and drive my dogs nuts.

Sammy (Samantha)

Rashenbo said...

Ahhhhhh poor little putty tat. :) Hope she gets better soon.

Southern Writer said...

Catfish and Sneezy send their best regards and hope Zoe will feel like her kittenish self soon.

(They also wave to Killer Yapp.)