Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I can't help it, they make me go squee!

Also, the origin of the word "yoinked", just for Buffysquirrel: I use the word "yoinked" because my college friend, Isaac, used to use it whenever he would snatch something away from you. It's slang for taking something without consent, essentially, and according to Chris (and Google), it has its origins from The Simpsons. I personally just think it's an awesome word. =)


Harry Connolly said...

This is my favorite "yoink!"

Linda Adams said...

You might like the Panda Cam from the National Zoo in Washington DC:


BuffySquirrel said...

Reminds me of when a kitten yoinked my dad's steak from his plate. Dad learnt to regret encouraging the kitten to sit in his lap! He only saved his steak by cutting off the piece the growling kitten had his teeth in.

Demon Hunter said...

So, are you gonna name one? Or a few?

adrienne said...

Most definitely from the Simpsons. The key in using it in social situations, is to say "Yoink" while not actually grabbing something. It is more of an indication you would like to grab the something. I suppose on the rare occasion you could phyiscally perform the yoink, but in most standard practices you don't.