Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Teachers and Books

I don't remember when I first started reading Professor Nana's LJ, but I've been doing it for a couple of years, and she's always good for interesting YA book reviews. Her real name is Teri Lesesne, and she's done quite a lot in the field of education and children's and young adult literacy. I particularly like what she has to say here.


Sling Words aka Joan Reeves said...

Totally off topic.... Congratulations on your engagement! I'm catching up on all the news on my fave blogs and saw the pic. My birthstone is also aquamarine so I love the ring! Your guy must be pretty special to put so much thought into getting something original. Best wishes!

kiwi said...

While I'm not an American, I absolutely agree with Lesesne. Good thing congress and the senate are in the hands of democrats or I fear such wisdom would be ignored.

Roll round the presidential elections and the end to America's worst president ever. Assuming President Bush actually allows you to vote there. After all, he doesn't seem overly concerned for public opinion.