Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Carl continues to conquer the world

I think I've mentioned before that my client, Carl Frederick, is a prolific short story writer. Not only is he consistently selling stories to Analog, but now he's setting forth to conquer the waters of Baen's Universe. In the June 2007 issue of Baen's, Carl's story, "The Weredragons of Mars", will be out for your reading pleasure.

In addition to that, however, Carl has pulled off quite a little coup, and has managed to write me a novel to sell (CONCENTRATION OF DOGS), which I'm going out with this week. Now the very neat thing about this book, besides its neat SF stuff, which I won't elaborate on right now, is that Carl's written it in a way that large sections of it are self-contained. So without further ado, I'm proud to announce that Carl has already sold the first few chapters of the book as a stand-alone story, "Concentration of Dogs", to Baen's Universe, for their August 2007 issue. And, on top of that, he's already sold another chapter of it to Analog, under the title of "Yearning For The White Avenger". If you want to get a sneak peek at the actual novel itself, I urge you to go check out these magazines, as you're in for a real treat. Now I've just got to go sell the actual book itself, which I have no doubt that I will do. =)

Keep conquering the world, Carl!


Anonymous said...

Well, it is a small world. I "know" Carl through his submissions at Critters.org, where he tests the waters, so to speak, for stories. His are usually one of the better written ones of the batch, and I suspect he gets a huge number of reviews for each one he posts.

James Dashner said...

Congrats to Carl and Jenny. Sounds like great things are on the horizon. Way to go, and can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

Waving to Carl from one of his 'critter' friends.
That is fabulous news!
Jennifer Macaire

Katey Coffing, Ph.D. said...

What a great way for a client to help you sell the book! Brilliant move, Carl, and congrats/good luck to you both.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys,

Jennifer: great to hear from you.

Anon Critter person: Hi! And thanks for the good words on my Critter stories. Yes, Critters is where I can experiment.

Katey: It might have been brilliant had I'd planned it. I wrote the short story, then thought 'hey. This could be the start of a neat novel'. Baen's Universe (Eric Flint) said quite a while back that he'd probably buy the story, but Universe had a buying freeze (a long one). By the time, last week, Universe did buy it, I'd already written the novel and (as per Jenny's suggestions) rewritten it twice.

Jenny is terrific. I really hope she can sell my novel; among other joys, it will allow me to write a snazzy appreciation to her in the author's preface.