Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lunacon: To go or not to go

Here's my problem: I know a bunch of people going to Lunacon. In fact, a good number of my friends from the NYC area are going to be there, taking part in different types of programming. It would be nice to hang out with people and stuff. But at the same time, it's still expensive to troop up to Westchester to go to a con, just to hang out with my friends... let's break it down, shall we?

Registration: $40 x 2 people=$80 (Chris would be accompanying me, as I can't get up there by myself)
Hotel: $123 x 2 nights=$246
Tolls and Gas: $30 (nice estimate here)
Food: $100 (again, an estimate)

Assuming that's all the costs, and that I don't buy a single thing at the dealer's room, that's still spending $456 for just three days, to see people who I could normally see by just going into the city. Um, I'm not sure how other people value money, but that's a sizeable amount to me. It's actually cheaper for me to go to Oregon and go to a writer's retreat the next weekend (that's only $343) after Lunacon, than it is to go to Lunacon itself. And I'd sort of like to go to the writer's retreat more, actually.

The only huge draw for me right now, concerning Lunacon, is that Tamora Pierce will be there. I adore Tamora Pierce. She's a great author. I could follow her around in fangirl-ish adoration all weekend (not that she'd like that, I assume). But is it worth the extra money and the fact that Chris would have to take off time from work, just to go meet Tamora Pierce? I don't know that it is.

Arguments for or against me going are quite welcome. I'm strongly leaning towards staying home, at the moment.


kiwi said...

Go! It's only money, and in a few years you'll laugh at the notion that you let $400 plus dollars stop you from living it up a bit.

So one vote from the 'yes crowd'.

Ben S. D. said...

Sorry, I'm the "plan ahead, save your money for a rainy day" type. And more than that, I love Psychology and I know a bit about human behavior...

I don't have to offer a suggestion, and neither does anyone else. Reading that post, you've clearly already made the decision in your own mind. It's not just that you're "leaning" one way, it's in the way it was said. It's one thing therapists do: listen (or in this case, read). They hear the answer in the words and simply bring it out rather than agreeing or disagreeing. Of course, they also factor in tone and expression, but I can't do that here.

You and I both know what you really want to do, Jenny. ;) Or, you could just brand me a pansy for not going out on a limb and making a recommendation. 'cuz that's frequently the case, ya know. LOL

NewroticGirl said...

I think you're underestimating the cost of the writers weekend a bit... is that $343 just the flight? Flight + hotel? Because the registration for the weekend alone is $150 (and doesn't include the lodging).

December Quinn said...

I agree with Ben, I think you've already decided you don't really want to go...

although I say you should, because cons are fun, and you're getting married soon(ish?), and at some point you'll have babies, and you won't be able to attend these things with anywhere near as much ease as you can now.

Kelly Swails said...

Feh. I'm in the miserly crowd. My first instinct is to say, "don't go" because you're going to be stressed out about money the entire weekend. And you're getting married soon, you need to save your money for that whenever you can. Also, just because you go doesn't guarantee you'll meet Tamora Pierce.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Actually, for the writer's weekend, Aimee, I have frequent flyer miles. The cost of my flight would be $7.50, and I'd get to fly first-class on the way home from Oregon. I double-checked. =)

But I do agree with Ben, Kelly, and December Quinn... I think I have decided that I don't want to go, and it is largely for the money. Weddings cost money, and we are saving every bit we can towards ours; $456 could feed 4-5 guests, depending on what catering we get.

And for the money reason alone, I don't think I'm going to go to the writer's retreat, even though I'd love a vacation and a chance to get away from everything to just write. I still haven't decided on that one yet. Although the costs for it, are $7.50 for the flight, $150 for the registration, and ($65 x 3 nights x 15% discount)=$165.75 + ~$20 for hotel tax, etc. So around $343.

NewroticGirl said...

Hot damn! *mugs you and takes your frequent flier miles*

A 7.50 flight. Crazy!! :D

Tawna Fenske said...

Oregon! Oregon! Oregon!

If you do opt to head for the left coast, I'd be happy to throw in a free meal or two. I'm just saying.

Happy travels either way.

Rashenbo said...

Well, I'd say skip it. :) But that's just me. Don't get me wrong... I'm a spontaneous shopper and I can't save two pennies if my life depended on it.... but in this situation, I'd go for the other event and buy a new pair of shoes with the difference :) - go in style!

Impy said...

I used to be able to spend around $60 plus food for an entire convention weekend, because I arranged to attend with groups and share a hotel room, transport, and get group-discounted registration. The groups were funded by organizations which set aside money to help pay for the trips, as well.

In contrast, these days my company spends around $2000 per convention weekend to attend, but that's because we pay all the costs for the hotel room (arriving early to set up), transport, vendor space, and registration... but the weekend still usually pays for itself plus profit, even paying that much. It's essentially profitable promotion for us to attend.

cm allison said...

I'm with Tawna, Oregon! I'll toss in a meal too if close enough for me. Where and when is this Oregon get together? (Tawna, if near Portland, I raise you the Portland Grill) I did a web search reacently and didn't find anything but Christian Writers conferences.

Tawna Fenske said...

cm allison, you're probably right that it's most likely Portland, in which case I could follow up the Portland Grill experience with Rheinlander or Marrakesh (my personal favorites when we visit family over in the valley). However, in the unlikely event that the conference is anywhere near Central Oregon, I can throw in free Mt. Bachelor lift tickets and a home-cooked meal!

I don't have the slightest idea what writers conference might be happening out here. Having never attended one myself, I'm a little clueless. Jenny, have you ever visited our lovely green state?


Steve said...

If I was going, then I would say go to Lunacon. But I don't need to be selfish.

I think you should save your $$ until I earn you some. ;)

Richard White said...

Of course, you're assuming there are only going to be people there that you can see in NYC, which completely discounts a large number of the guests/attendees who're coming from around the country to be there.

I was told that as a new writer I should ADD Lunacon to my convention list because it was one of the few you could count on that NY Agents attended. Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be true (and not just for Jenny - agent attendance has been horrible the last couple of years).

I know I'm driving up from Maryland to attend Lunacon as a guest. I figure what I'm saving in admission, I'm paying for in gas and tolls.

Jenny Rappaport said...

richard white, I actually would have attended Lunacon as an agent last year, except that it directly conflicted with the free cruise that I was taking. Said free cruise was timed to take place during my birthday (March 20th), and I have to tell you.... snorkeling in Grand Cayman, on your birthday, beats any convention, hands down. =)

Richard White said...

OK, birthday cruises trump conventions. I'll definitely grant you that one. ;)

Well, perhaps we'll bump into each other one of these days at another convention. We'll have to swap anime stories, if we do.