Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Meet Josh! Win free books!

My client, Joshua Palmatier, is one helluva writer. Not only does he write consistently good novels, but he's managed to humanize the plight of stressed furniture. Furniture, you ask? Why yes indeed, since Josh has written a trilogy based around a very special throne that remembers the past experiences of the rulers who have sat upon it. It's not a happy piece of furniture, you have to understand, since it's got loaded down with 1000 years of crap from all of the people who have cushioned their butt on it... it is, let us say it, "stressed out". =)

The first book in the trilogy, THE SKEWED THRONE, follows the adventures of a troubled young orphan, Varis, and her fight to survive in the crumbling city of Amenkor. It's dark and gritty and completely enthralling. Varis manages to completely transform herself during the course of the novel, which follows a path that I think is very different from your average fantasy. The book is available in mass-market paperback, or for you collector's out there, hardcover (ooh!). It's very much worth checking out.

Now, its sequel, THE CRACKED THRONE is also out in hardcover, and I, for one, am quite eager to go pick up a copy of it.

So you get those two books, because you know, you actually like what I recommend, and then you're like, "Now damn, I have to wait until the third one comes out. What's a poor reader to do?" But wait, never fear, I now have the perfect solution for you! Josh is running a review contest which will net you a free ARC of the third book in the trilogy, THE VACANT THRONE, way before it's out in the stores. Very cool, don't you think? Go to the link for the contest, which goes to Josh's website, and check it out. All it involves is a little reading and a little writing... and we all know that's what readers of this blog like to do, right?


--E said...

Hey, I didn't know Josh was your client! Wheee!

James Dashner said...

Josh, that's awesome. You're with the same publisher as my favorite author, Tad Williams. That means you're friends, right?

Seriously, I'm happy for you. I love your covers.

Joshua Palmatier said...

I haven't met Tad Williams, although it's certainly of my list of things I must accomplish (and embarrass myself over) before I die. *grin*

I love the covers too. Hopefully, the third book will get the same awesome treatment.

Nathalie Mallet said...

Wow, I’m impressed, Josh. To be published by DAW is a big deal; its list of authors is impressive. You and James are right to gush over Tad Williams—he’s great! But the author I’m really mad about is C.J. Cherryh. I’ve read all her books. You’re in such good company! I’m excited for you.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

We are currently listing Josh as one of the suggested authors at the Debut a Debut contest, sponsored by West of Mars and Writing Aspirations. How funny to see him mentioned here.

Joshua Palmatier said...

Nathalie Mallet: Thanks for the congrats! Not to name-drop, but I HAVE met CJ (at Norwescon last year) and she's great. All of the DAW authors I've met have been great.

Susan Helene Gottfried: I'm a suggested author? Thanks! *blushes*

Nathalie Mallet said...

Ooh, you’re so lucky! Now I’m jealous. Just kidding, I’m happy for you.

Rashenbo said...

My friend, Susan, and I have a debut a debut contest running for reading and reviewing debut books. I have seen Joshua's running and the book definitely sounds interesting. I'm thinking of adding it to my "read" pile!