Friday, February 16, 2007

Mild warning

My computer seems to be deciding that it would like to enter the dying period of its lifespan. I've had one power surge problem with it already this morning, and now the power supply is making unhappy noises again. You have to understand that I built the computer in October 2000, so it's already turned six (as old as Big Bird!). I've replaced many, but not all of the original parts over the years. This is its fourth power supply. I simply refuse to replace another power supply, if this one dies.

I have a laptop and Chris has a computer too, obviously. Neither of them are young, but it's possible to get work done on them. So I'm just issuing a mild warning that the computer may die unexpectedly, and I will probably disappear from online for a few days, while fixing it/building a new one.

I'm going to go backup a bunch of important work stuff and photos now...


Jodi said...

Computers can be so cruel! They barely live as long as pocket pets and fish! (And some itty mammals and fish will live longer!)

I hope your computer feels better. *sniff*

(Good call on the backup, though. *also backs up*)

Kimber An said...

I'm still reeling from your statement about building your computer. I bearly know how to turn mine on! Hope it all works out for you with the least amount of money and frustration.

Southern Writer said...

Nothing is more frustrating than having your computer go down when you need it. And it always happens just when you have something really important going on. Then you've got to restore all the stuff you had on the old one. Aaaaargh! Good luck, Jenny.