Monday, February 19, 2007

Night Shade Books sale!

Remember that wonderful piece of cover art that I showed you all, awhile ago? The gorgeous one for THE PRINCES OF THE GOLDEN CAGE by Nathalie Mallet? Have you thought about ordering the book, but decided it's too expensive?

Well, here's the perfect solution for you! Night Shade Books is having a sale! To quote from the ad about it:

"Till Tuesday Midnight. 50% off everything -- trades, and limiteds!.

4 book minimum. Current books and pre-orders.

Use coupon code NSB773"

They've got a lot of great stuff in their book list, including Nathalie's book, of course. The Inspector Chen series by Liz Williams is also a great read, and the next book in it is definitely going in my shopping cart. Go ahead, partake of book sale goodness!


brunoflathead said...

Inspector Chen? A sci-fi/fantasy agent intersted in reading a mystery novel? Scandalous!

Jenny Rappaport said...

I read many things that aren't sci fi and fantasy. =) Very, very scandalous of me!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, yummy Glen Cook omnibuses (omnibusi? whatever). Globs onto.

Thanks much!


brunoflathead said...

Just a question, Jenny. How gentle are you when someone sends in 'stuff' you've asked for and you decided it wasn't for you.

Do you supply kleenexs to wipe away the tears? Or a bath towel to sop up the weeks long crying jags?

Jenny Rappaport said...

brunoflathead, most of the time I just send my standard form letter. It's pretty short, but often I'll write a short note to the author as well. There are certain groups of writers who get slightly more special treatment from me, just on a personal basis... for example, if you are a friend of my client, and I'm rejecting your work, I'm going to give you a detailed explanation why, since my client was kind enough to refer you to me. Similarly, I like to take the time to write encouraging notes to younger writers (we're talking teenagers here), since I used to be one of those myself.

brunoflathead said...

Ah, we writers are such cry-babies. We think we've written the greatest fantasy, or romance novel. And yet no one else sees it.

We need to become more thick-skinned. Numb our nerve-endings.

I've already wall papered two of my rooms in my house with rejection slips. I'm working on the dining room now.