Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Precipitation, somewhat

Well, we got sleet so far and now it's getting coated by a layer of snow. Yum, ice! I'm told that I'm in the 2"-4" band... I want more snow than that, weather gods! But, to celebrate the fact that snow just rules, and that as little kids we all love to play in it.... behold my brother and I, circa ages 3 and 6, respectively.

Time to go read more partials! Also, please don't inquire about whether I've read your partial yet... I'm going through them as fast as I can, and e-mails about status inquiries are just slowing me down. Thank you, have a wonderful snowy evening everyone!


Kim said...

What a great picture - brings back memories of when my kid brother and I were going to build the world's biggest snowman! We were 9 and 5 at the time and used the neighbor's snow because we didn't want to mess up our own.

We also didn't take into account how freakin' heavy those giant snowballs would be. Damn thing never got built and our neighbors had three gi-normous snowballs in the front yard until about April - but how cool would it have been!

Enjoy and pray the sleet turns to the white stuff!

James Dashner said...

There is not a person on the planet who loves snow more than I do. I grew up in Georgia, and had serious snow envy. Now I live in Utah, where they have the greatest snow on earth. (it's true because the license plates say so)

Jenny, I heartily invite you guys to come visit us and we'll all go skiing in the beautiful Utah mountains. You'll never forget it.

Snow rules. Hot weather sucks.

BuffySquirrel said...

You're too nice! You should say, "When you email me to ask if I've read your partial, I move that one to the bottom of the stack."

Evil, me?

Jack said...

Shouldn't it be "my brother and me?"

Don't worry about reading my partial. I'll take it to someone who knows the fundamentals of grammar.

S. W. Vaughn said...

I luvs ya, Jenny. The picture is adorable!


Have you seen the news lately? I live in Mexico, New York. We were on GMA! Because we have so... much... freaking... SNOW.

Eleven feet and counting.

After shoveling that many feet of snow out of my driveway and attempting to get it on top of the twelve-foot, salt-boulder-encrusted mountains on either side (which coincidentally blocks the view of anyone trying to pull out), I can officially say that I hate snow.

You're welcome to come on over and visit. You can play in my snow. Bring a truck and take it home with you. :-)

Jenny Rappaport said...

Thank you, Jack, I adore having trolls come to visit my blog.

I was always taught that the correct grammar usage in a sentence like that was "my brother and I". To me, "my brother and me" not only looks incorrect, but sounds wrong. If you'd like to cite me specific websites which give grammar examples, I'll be happy to learn whether my usage is correct or incorrect, but really, I don't care enough to look it up on my own.

And I shouldn't read your partial? Why thank you for giving your last name, Jack. I'll just throw out all the partials that are written by anyone named Jack or John. =)

cm allison said...

I used to live in Alaska, 11 feet was nothing. One winter I shoveled the walk way to the house sooooo many times, I ended up with a tunnel with sides higher than the house. Kept thinking I should just lay plywood and let it snow over. (Become a fully enclosed tunnel.) hardest was when the water would freeze to the house and I'd have to cut holes in the spring and tote water back in. I now know MANY ways to reuse water several times! LOL (rinse washed dishes, soak and wash new dishes, wash counter, flush toilet, all same water.)

But even then, snow was fun.

resurrectedwarrior said...

lol - That's so cute!! Geeze - makes me think of when my brother and I were little and there was this huge (well, to /us/ it was huge) snowfall and we climbed the snow "dunes" up to our house's windows.

Fun stuff.

resurrectedwarrior said...

lol - That's so cute!! Geeze - makes me think of when my brother and I were little and there was this huge (well, to /us/ it was huge) snowfall and we climbed the snow "dunes" up to our house's windows.

Fun stuff.

BuffySquirrel said...

I'll just throw out all the partials that are written by anyone named Jack or John. =)

Now you're getting the idea!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the correct way is, "my brother and I". You learn that in 1st grade.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. I thought about posting earlier, but I didn't want to play grammar cop--that would have been rude. On the other hand, when people start discussing the grammar and get it wrong, it's a different story.

When your kindergarten teacher taught you to say "my brother and I" you were most likely using it in a sentence like "My brother and I went to the zoo." It's the subject of the sentence, so of course the nominative case, "I", is correct. Unfortunately, that construction gets emphasized so much that people hyper-correct and think they should use "my brother and I" in every sentence. But when it's used it as the object of the verb, or of a preposition, then the objective case, "my brother and me", is needed.

If you don't want to bother working out the grammar, a quick shortcut is to substitute "we" and "us". In Jenny's original remark, that would be "behold we" vs "behold us". Which one sounds better? All you have to remember is that "we" matches "I" and "us" matches "me".

Jodi said...

Anon, that's a neat shortcut. I learned it like this, to use the brother example: decide which is correct without "my brother."

"My brother and I went to the zoo."
Because "I went to the zoo," is correct.

"This photo features my brother and me."
Because "This photo features I," is not correct, but "This photo features me," is.

I agree it's rude to nitpick grammar, which is why I always assume it's just a typo. Besides, I wouldn't want someone to come over to my journal and critique my spelling. I *know* it's bad.


Jack: if you don't like Jenny's blog, you don't have to keep coming back. And if you want an agent, you should really try to be less of a jerk to them.

Jodi said...

Jenny, what an excellent photo! Your little boots! And your glasses! *dies of the cuteness*

Jenny Rappaport said...

Anonymous and Jodi, thanks so much for explaining the grammar issue! I know that mine isn't perfect (and honestly, no one has prefect grammar), but I don't like being attacked without an explanation (see Jack above). Now that I know, I'm going to try and be more careful about how I use the construct. =)

(And just as a sidenote, my grammar is decent enough that I've done some freelance proofreading and copy-editing work, so it doesn't suck that badly.)

Anonymous said...

Poor Jack. He's going to have a hard time finding any agents or editors to approach at all if he refuses to work with people who make grammar or spelling mistakes on a blog. ::eyeroll::

(psst, Jack: They all make grammar and spelling mistakes. It's a blog, not a newspaper.)

And let's not even mention how many mistakes professional writers make on their own blogs.

That's okay. Less competition for the other writers.

McKoala said...

Don't take newspapers as gospel when it comes to grammar and spelling. Anyone ever read 'The Guardian'? Often known as 'The Grauniad' because of the frequency of its errors. 'The Times' is also guilty.

Southern Writer said...

Hey S.W. Vaughn - have you read the comments in Jenny's Snow Dance post?


I used ot live in Vail, Colorado, and every winter. my brother-in-law would make something incredible in the snow for his kids - one year I remember in particular, he sculpted a huge dinosaur. It filled the entire yard.