Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Snow Dance!

When you were little, did you ever do the snow dance? The one where you wear your pajamas inside-out and dance around in a vaguely tribal manner, wishing for snow? I've felt like doing so all winter, since we've gotten so little snow, and I'm terribly jealous of the other parts of the country that have gotten more.

I LIKE snow! It's fun to play in and white and pretty. And there's something infinitely romantic about being snowed in with the ones you love, and playing board games, cooking, and watching movies. And now, finally, it has started snowing again here. There are actual flakes coming down right now (a full twelve hours before the weather people predicted!), and they're hopefully going to stick soon. I'm pleased as pie, let me tell you. =)

Now of course, this does slightly ruin my plans for the day, since I won't be able to go to the post office to mail off some manuscripts to editors, as my handy chauffeur (aka my mom) is unable to come and get me today. But that's not a tremendous loss, and they will be sent off by the end of the week. And I've got all sorts of yummy groceries in the house, with which to make penne alla vodka and tropical chocolate cake for dinner tomorrow on Valentine's Day.

And best of all? My mom and dad have to go away for a brief visit to NYC today, due to the impending snow, and I not only get to be snowed in with my kitten and my fiancee, but the family Labrador is coming to spend the next few days. So much fun! The kitten and the dog do not like each other.... it's going to be one interesting week. I'm looking forward to it! =)

(Our plans for cat and dog harmony involve alternately locking one or the other into our bedroom, so that they can sniff each other through the door. They're still at the stage where Dusty, the dog, attempts to lunge at Zoe violently, since she's inhabiting his territory. Zoe, on the other hand, is just plain terrified of the giant 85 lb. Labrador coming towards her with a vengance.)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go and do some real work. =)


Ben S. D. said...

I completely agree. Living in New England my whole life, it's undeniable that snow just changes the way we view the day. It's a whole new feeling knowing there's snow outside, and you're all warm and cozy inside. It's almost like you appreciate the shelter more, and rather than simply make a sandwich, you suddenly want soup. The house is plenty warm, but you still break out the quilt and hot cocoa. It's not any colder than it was yesterday, but snow has a marked impact, and I LIKE it.

Of course, I suppose we do have to admit that working at home means we can enjoy the snow more than others. When I wasn't, I HATED it. I went from loving it in school (SNOW DAY!) to absolutely despising it when working in an office. It just got in the WAY, and even if it snowed on the weekend, all that meant was your plans were probably trashed (considering the weekend was the only time you could actually HAVE plans). Now that I am working at home - and making significantly less than I did before - I'm back to being like a kid again. You're only a little south from me, Jenny, so I suppose I should expect to see some flakes soon...

We still have to shovel the driveway and deck, though. That oftentimes kills the sensation. ;)

cm allison said...

I love it when we get some snow in Portland. Not often, but does happen. And since in the city it is usually the wet ice forming stuff (unlike where I live, there usually more dry and fluffy), the city often just shuts down. Adult snow day! Of if HAVE to go into my 8-5, leave late (sleep in, I want it light when driving!), come home early. Esp. fun to see young foals and their first encounter with snow.

Hang in there with the dog/cat relationship. Have one cat who either plays with the dogs or ignores them, the other just tolerates them and always puts them in their place. Main thing is for the lab to quit chasing and growling. (may have to scold!)

Enjoy your day!

Jodi said...

Aw! It sounds beautiful there! I demand pictures when it starts sticking. *grin*

And I'm going to be jealous of your snow. We have clouds and...ice. *frowns at sky* They said a little snow for us, but they lied! *frowns at weather people*

I never did the snow dance when I was little (I grew up in Austin where there was no hope for snow days), but I did do the flooding dance! It was all we could hope for, really, unless we wanted the whole world to turn into ice. Which, occasionally, it did. And *that* was sparkly!

Have fun with your snow! Glad all that dancing finally paid off! :D

KingM said...

I'm definitely snow obsessed, but I own an inn in Vermont, so the lack of snow in December and January cost me thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars.

Okay, but apart from that and my love of skiing, there's something about the freshness and the still, nearly quiet sound of falling snow.

Tess said...

Enjoy the snow!! And I hope Zoe and Dusty make friends - sounds like you're doing the right thing :-)

Kim said...

Hear, hear! I'm in central NJ and am anxiously awaiting the white stuff - I just wish the weatherpeople would coordinate themselves and give the same report, as I've heard three different ones. The one I like best calls for 6-8" of snow. I've got snowpants and boots for the kids, gloves, hats, scarves and hot chocolate all ready to go!

Bring it on!

Southern Writer said...

You like snow? One of our own - Sonya Vaughn, is up in Oswego County where they got twelve feet of the white stuff. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to send some your way. You can reach her at http://housephoenix.blogspot.com/

It's hard to believe the Lab and the kitten don't get along. Labs are incredibly intelligent, and usually very docile. I'll bet with a little time, Zoe will have the Lab eating out of her paw.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Dusty is usually a very docile pet; he's not trained, which is part of the problem, and he's very, very used to being the only pet in a house. He'll be 10 in July, and this is the first time he's ever encountered a cat living in his territory.

And that's the real problem, really. Even though he lives with my parents, he thinks my house is his territory too. And therefore, Zoe is an intruder in what is HIS. He's neutered, but that doesn't stop him from being extremely territorial. And we know it's all about territory because the last time he was here, he decided to vent his displeasure by urinating all over my carpet... we were not pleased.

Right now, things are going ok, although he's been here for maybe a half hour. He knows that Zoe is upstairs in our bedroom, and has barked a couple of times at the door to it, which is a HUGE improvement over the last time they met. But he decidedly doesn't like the fact that the house smells like cat, and so he's also very busily rubbing his anal scent glands all over my floor. Delightful. I love him anyway, the big doofus. =)

Anonymous said...

When we got our cat (read, when he followed us home 8 blocks in the rain) we didn't know how the dog would react so we tried to be real careful. But the cat... absolutely fearless. He'd make a beeline for as much contact with the dog as possible.

Send some snow here? I'm used to feet at one snowing and we haven't even gotten enough in our three snows to cover the grass!

katiesandwich said...

As for being snowed in with the one you love, my husband is stuck five hours from here because it's blizzarding all over the place. So I'm pretty pissed at the snow right now.

Sigh. Had to get that off my chest. I feel better now! :)

I do understand the love of snow, though. I lived in Phoenix as a kid, and when we moved to Ohio and I saw snow for the first time, it was so amazing. I still remember standing outside with my sister, catching snowflakes on our tongues the way all the kids did in the Christmas movies.

Anonymous said...

Start by saying: It's snowing, its snowing, it's snowing!! Do the rain/snow motion with your hands
Make the motion a little shorter, as if to indicate that it is piling up and say: it's piling up, it's piling up
Sway your arms like they are blowing in the wind and say: "It's windy, we're blowing away!
Slide on the floor like it's ice and say: "it's slippery"
Make like you are driving a car and say: "and your driving in your car, and you get stuck!"
say: "so you get out of your car, and make a snow angel!"
Get on the floor and make a snow angel
Say: "there is no school tomorrow!"
That's how i do the snow dance =]