Monday, March 26, 2007

All clear!

Short post because I'm currently experiencing an allergic reaction on my hands (they itch like nothing else, no idea why, no need to offer suggestions, the doctor is working on it):

Zoe's blood work came back all clear! She has excellent numbers for her kidney and liver function and there was only one thing that was slightly off, but the vet said that was purely because she's in the middle of growing.

And growing she is! She's now 6.6 lbs and will be seven months old on March 30th. She's HUGE! The vet also said that the original estimate of her final adult weight being between 9-11 lbs is probably off now, and she'll most likely end up around 12 or 13 lbs. Giant kitten! =)

Just for the record, the bloodwork was worth every penny of the $64 we paid for it. It's good to know that my baby is ok.


Kathie said...

Glad to hear your kitty's doing well. I just dropped $310 in blood tests for my doggy last week. Your vet has spectacular pricing.

Kathie at

Jenny Rappaport said...

Yeah, they're a really good vet. Two women doctors who share a practice with a ton of really friendly vet techs. =)

If you're ever considering moving to Monmouth County, NJ, they're Country Animal Clinic in Englishtown, NJ, (732)446-5446.

December Quinn said...

Excellent news, I've been worried!

(I love cats but am allergic to them, so I vicariously adopt everyone else's.)

Hope you get the hand thing sorted. I have uber-sensitive skin and dealt with a rash all over my face a few weeks ago, because a new moisturizer had sunscreen in it (can't take any suncreens on my face, ever).

Jodi Meadows said...

Oh, I'm glad Zoe's bloodwork is good. I've been really curious!

I hope your hands feel better, soon. Itching is terrible!

Rae said...

Holy cow--that's pretty big for a female. My ex-toms weigh in at about 13 lbs each. (Pure muscle, of course. They work out.)

And yes, it's always worth it to know your baby is ok. You're a good mom.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Rae, I know! She's going to be a super kitten!

The thing though is that Zoe has a fairly delicate bone structure to her, since she's got a good bit of Burmese in her makeup (European Burmese, to be precise... we have identified this by careful comparison of kitten and established breed). So she's probably going to be heavy, but look very slim and delicate, just the same. You can't really tell how big she is until she stretches out to her full length. But it's so cute... for the first time in her life, she has a tiny tummy and little haunches!

Teresa said...

I'm so glad Zoe's ok!! And yeah, she's a big kitten :-) My Chloe is 14 lbs and Cleo weighs in at about 10 - she still looks like an older kitten.

And your vet sounds wonderful.

Kathie said...

If only I were looking to head east...That's the greatest gift, that kind of care for your loved ones. I think so anyway, but I can be mushy.

Southern Writer said...


Zoe, you big beautiful baby, I'm glad you're doing fine. Sneezy sends congratulatory hugs.