Friday, March 23, 2007

And now, rat poison

You know how I posted about the cat and dog food recall earlier this week?

Well, apparently, according to the NY Times, they have found rat poison in some of the tainted food. Delightful, I say. Now I trust the batch numbers listed in the recall even less. All this time, the FDA has been focusing on wheat gluten as a culprit, but now we've got rat poison? How do we know when it was introduced into the food production process? Did it coincide with the wheat gluten introduction, which is what the recalled batch numbers were based on? No one has ANY idea.

For those that don't know, we've got four cans of the tainted food, or at least we assume it's tainted. It's from Iams and was made at plant 4197; we have three cans with the batch number 6128 and one can with the batch number 6191. You should note that previously, they said the batch number recall started with 6339... I never thought that that was that accurate, and now I think so even less.

We used to have five cans, but Zoe ate one about three weeks ago. She seems fine to us, but now with the advent of the rat poison news, I've spoken to the vet about it. Zoe shall be having bloodwork tomorrow, to determine if her kidneys are alright. I'm hoping they are. =)

And if you've got any questionable cans of food, like I do, take your cat or dog to the vet right away. Since you never know if the company has pinned down the right batches to recall...


Ryan Field said...

Best of luck with the vet. Though many friends of mine think I'm wrong, I actually feed my dog "People" food rather than any kind of dog food. Not just table scraps...planned meals advised through my vet.

My seventeen year old cat eats the worst (what did I know back then?), Friskies canned. And if I had to do it over again she'd get nothing but dry food. I know people who do this and it's much better for the cat and much less mess for the owner. Of course you can't change them once they've started (life won't be fun if you try), but Jenny if you're cat is still young enough I'd stick with some type of dry food period.

Jenny Rappaport said...

She usually eats only dry food. We had bought the cans of wet food to try and lure her to eat, when she was in heat/recovering from spaying, and not eating anything at all.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

The Tour Manager came home to say they've traced the poison to Shanghai, where apparently, it's pretty common. He's usually dead-on accurate with those things, so let's see if he is with this, too.

I, too, favor dry food. When my sister-the-vet gave my cats (one of whom sounds like Zoe -- a chicken in cat fur), she told me to stick to dry. I give Fancy Feast to the chicken as a treat; his sister has -- get this -- irritable bowel and is on a restricted diet.

Like us, cats need to crunch on things to maintain the health of their teeth. And the hard pieces of the food help keep them clean.

Good luck with the blood tests!

Cyndi Drolet said...

Newscasts this evening are saying it was rat poison in the wheat gluten, so everything still jives with past reports. I know you're a concerned mom, but really, if it's been 3 weeks since she's eaten any suspect food and seems fine, she probably is. I wouldn't put her through the stress of a vet visit. Especially if she's a chicken kitty to begin with. [Note: Although I'm a former registered vet tech, that's just my opinion (legal disclaimer).]

Jenny Rappaport said...

Well, that makes me feel better that they've traced the rat poison to the gluten, at least.

The thing about kidney failure in cats is that there's the possibility of having no symptoms until 70% of the kidney function is gone. Which is why the bloodwork is so important because it can look at the actual things used to diagnose it.

And, odd as it may seem, Zoe actually likes the vet. She doesn't mind her cat carrier or the car ride over, and she's always extremely well-behaved there. The only time she made any "comment" was the very first time she got a shot, months ago, and that was just a very suprised mew. She's been very good for all her other visits and treatments.

Scott Marlowe said...

Scary stuff. We have 1 can of Iams left, sitting on my desk in front of me--both our dogs are fine from having eaten the other canned food we gave them before the recall info came out. For now, we're not buying canned food at all until this blows over. Even then, I don't know how safe I'll feel. Of course, a few weeks back it was the peanut butter getting recalled...

Ironically, we give our dogs low fat peter pan PB and guess what batch the jar we had came from?

Christine said...

Wow, I'm so glad we feed both the cat and dog dry food.

That's scary.

Southern Writer said...

Oh, no, Jenny. I'll have my fingers crossed for you and Zoe. Since my cats were victims, I've been doing a lot of research on what has to be done for surviving pets. If it turns out that your vet prescribes a special diet for Miss Zoe now, be sure to check to see who manufactures the food. My vet prescribed one for Princess Sneezy made by Menu Foods. Aaaargh!

I can also hook you up with the law firm I'm going to sign with for the class action suit, information about the special care Zoe will need if it turns out she's a victim, too, and an online support group. Make sure you notify the FDA if it's bad news. I'll be hoping and praying you won't need any of this. Best wishes for you both.

P.S. If anyone asks you to give them the remaining packages of food, don't do it. That's all the evidence you have.