Friday, March 23, 2007

My kitten, the wimp

We've always known that Zoe is a timid kitten. She startles easily, and it took her awhile to get used to us and the noises we make, when she first moved in here. The first night we got her, she refused to come out of the cat carrier for almost an hour, but we finally lured her out with food. Hiding under the bed is still one of the things that she loves to do best. She even thinks that her reflection in our back door is another cat, and does the whole puffy black cat act on a regular basis. Ever seen a cat go sideways? It's damn amusing. =) When she's doing something bad, we can usually make her stop by stomping across our tile floor downstairs, since our slippers make a bunch of noise. Chris has the Slippers of Authority, by the way, and I possess the Slippers of Doom. (Yes, we are silly kitten parents.)

Yet, despite all this, she's quite intelligent, and will easily warm up to you, once she trusts you. She loves my mom, my friends Jamie and Aimee, and us, of course. She even likes my father, although he frightens her a bit, since he is a naturally loud and talkative person (who does that sound like?). As she's gotten older, we've thought that she's begun to outgrow her natural timidity, which in all likelihood, is from her being abandoned as a very young kitten.

It turns out that this isn't the case.

On Tuesday, Sally Wiener-Grotta came to take my picture for her Wordsmiths project. Zoe was supposed to be in the pictures with me, since she is a kitten and adorable. Instead, Zoe decided that she was intensely frightened of Sally and her camera equipment.

Tripods to hold stuff: scary.
Umbrellas on top of tripods: very scary.
Sally taking pictures with flashes that went off: immensely scary.

Needless to say, we weren't able to get Zoe to sit still in a picture with me. I did get her to come near me, through generous luring with treats, but the minute I picked her up, she jumped right out of my arms. She was having none of the strange camera equipment being in her house, and the fact that we had rearranged some of the furniture disturbed her even more. She refused to have her picture taken.

Yes, my kitten wimped out.

However, Sally did manage to get several candid shots of Zoe, when Zoe wasn't looking. So you may end up seeing her in the pictures with me after all, due to the wonderful nature of modern technology and Photoshop. You have to love the fact that Sally can just edit the kitten into the picture. =)


BuffySquirrel said...

I don't think she's intelligent despite her sensitivity; the two often go together. Poor kitty! Scary stuff, scary stuff.

Kelly Swails said...

Zoe sounds like my recently deceased kitty Bailey and one of my current kitties, Moonshine. They both have/had dark fur; I wonder if there's a correlation. My yellow cat is incredibly lovey and snuggly, and I've heard that's usually the case with the yellow tabbies.

resurrectedwarrior said...

Awww! Poor Zoe! The cute little darling was scared of three stick-type-thingies and bright flashes. Very scary for a little munchkin sweetie.

'Course, I don't know how cute you thought she was while all this was happening. I'd like to think I would have found it amusing, but then . . .

Amie Stuart said...

My oldest kitty is a brown tabby and I realized about a year ago that she rarely meows! She's not timid, becuase she will defend herself against the boy kitties, but she hates being picked up and doesn't want to be petted unless she comes to you. She's the first cat I ever had like that and we've had her since birth.

Christine said...

Aw, that's sweet. You should introduce Zoe to my kitten (you, me and Anna Genoese all got them around the same time, according the blogs)who is the Attack Kitten from Hades.

Yes, the sideways thing is amusing. But mine is usually trying to intimidate my 112 lb. dog when he does it. The dog is not so amused, but puts up with the kitten-ness of it.

He also hides under the bed, but for the express purpose of attacking our ankles when we walk by. The bathtub is also a favorite hiding place. You sit on the toilet, and he leaps out of the tub at you. Yeah.

His favorite place to sit? On my right shoulder. While I'm writing. Always.

Yes, Cedric Diggory (which is the kitten name you get when your four year old watches Harry Potter movies far more often than he probably should) could teach Zoe how to be a big, bad kitty.

KingM said...

At least she's a cat, and that's cute and endearing in a kitten. My golden retriever suffers from the same affliction. Descended from wolves, indeed!

Kim said...

My tortoiseshell, Casey, thinks she's the biggest, baddest kitty on the planet. She weighs about 10 lbs. She's 18 or 19 (we only got her 10 years ago - yikes - and her vet paperwork has two different years listed for her birth. It's the same vet, BTW), and she still pounces on anything she sees moving under the covers.

On the other hand, there is our dog. She's half lab/half pit (with a bit of greyhound thrown in for good measure. Weirdest looking thing you ever saw - ears like Gizmo from the Gremlins.) She's not afraid of Casey, but somehow always manages to lose when they "play".

SallyG said...

Zoe was adorable and quite mischievous, and I was sorry to disrupt her life. When I didn't have my camera in my hand, she was friendly. But that contraption was too much for her.

I haven't edited the photos yet (I'm on deadline to edit one of my books right now), but I have put up a entry about why I photographed Jenny at

Besides the professional and Wordsmiths Project reasons, it was great fun, and I do look forward to photoshopping Zoe into Jenny's Portrait.