Friday, March 16, 2007

Nor'easter 1, Jenny 0

Well, I had grand and happy plans of attending Lunacon this weekend, but they have been foiled by the dastardly weather. While we don't have a tremendous amount of snow by me (yet), the roads are extremely, extremely icy, and it just wasn't safe to try and get into NYC earlier in the day. That, complicated by a slight crisis in the form of my 94 year old grandmother deciding that going to the hospital in the middle of a nor'easter was necessary (she fainted)... well, that was the end of my Lunacon plans. Happily, it looks like my grandmother is doing ok, although they may or may not release her because of the weather.

And I get to stay at home with laundry to do. =) Oh well, not the most fun weekend, but my family's ok, and I have Zoe and Chris at home with me. Plus, Chris is making dinner for me. For being in the middle of a raging nor'easter (and I am on the mild end of the storm, btw), that's pretty good. =)


stickybeak said...

Oh, too bad about Lunacon; I know you were looking forward to it.

Another nasty foot or so of snow here--and that only one day after unseasonably warm weather. I'll probably be stuck inside all day tomorrow (munching seaweed to ward off my semi-annual attack of werewolf disease [it's a long story]).

Glad your grandmother seems okay.

-Carl Frederick

mcamp said...

I hope your grandmother gets to go home:) I drove a 12 hour round trip yesterday at 40 below zero on icey roads, no fun. I am also cooking for my better half today, and glad to have a better half!

thanks for the blog!

Christine said...

Yes! WTF is up with that? I sat here working all day, watching the rain. Then the sleet...then the ICE. By the time I realized I had to move my car off the road, it was treacherous. It's like frozen rain/ice, not really snow down here in South NJ.

It sux. And it's preventing me from getting to the store to get the kitten some food. He'd be more upset, but apparently he'll eat dog food and be happy for awhile. Glad to hear your grandmother is okay.

Linda said...

Good news that your grandmother is doing well. :) I'm also not going to Lunacon because of the snow/ice coating the roads here in Philly. It's far safer and saner to just stay home, enjoy time with the boyfriend, and cook a nice warm meal. The poodle, on the other hand, is having a grand time romping on the white stuff!

Kim said...

I'm glad your grandmother's doing ok - especially considering the rotten weather.

I had to chip my car out this morning so I could get into it, and then chip my way out of my parking space. Central NJ got what seems like six inches of ice. I didn't even know that was possible.

But it was a good excuse to play with the kids all day (inside yesterday, outside today!)

Enjoy! It won't be long before we're all doing the 'can you believe how hot and sticky it is??'