Wednesday, March 14, 2007

WTF (and other things)

I've been busy lately, and haven't blogged very much, so this is going to be a sort of catch-all post.

First, WTF, American Idol voting public?! Sanjaya Malakar stays for another week? Do you not have ears? Are you purposely trying to torture my ears? It's a singing competition, not a pity party; yes, the kid is young and wimpy and seems really nice, but that's no excuse to vote for him when he can't really sing well at all. Gah!

Second, damn you, John Scalzi for stealing the rush on me with this! You all know about book trailers right? Those lovely bits of Youtube knowledge that advertise the written word. Well, now we have magazine trailers as well. For your viewing pleasure, the Winter 2007 issue trailer for Shimmer, narrated by my friend, Mary Robinette Kowal... and oh yeah, some guy named Scalzi composed the background music.

Third, over the weekend I got to attend EPICon, as noted in a prior post. It was fun! I got a nice exposure to the world of e-publishing, had some great food, and met with a good number of authors. I may get a few new clients out of it, which is even better. My client, Jeff Strand, was the MC for the Eppie Awards ceremony, and made all of us laugh our heads off. I'd tell him to go into stand-up comedy, but I want him to write me more books to sell, instead. =) Also, huge props to Brenna Lyons, who came up with the cool concept of giving everyone little beach stickers to mark who won each award, in our Eppie programs; highly appropriate, given that we were in Virginia Beach, and a ton of fun to play with.

Fourth, more client stuff! While we're on the subject of promotion, albeit briefly with the magazine trailer, I'd like to point out that a good bit of book sales hinge on an author's ability to promote themselves. The internet is one of the greatest tools out there for doing this, and if you're an author, you should really have your own website. Hell, I'm an agent, and I have two domains registered for my far-future authorial intentions ( and; they both lead back to the blog right now)--you never know when you're going to need a website to help sell yourself. Which brings me back to my client, Elizabeth Bemis, who writes me these fun romances to sell. Elizabeth has her business, which specializes in websites and author promotions, and she's quite good at what she does. You can check out her own site here, which I think manages to be both sassy and classy, at the same time. And if you're looking to get someone to do your website or guide you in author promotion, then you can check out her business, Bemis Promotions. She's good at what she does!


katiesandwich said...

Because of my dial-up internet, I cannot view the Shimmer trailer, which makes me sad, since I'm working on a short story I'll be sending to them. (And which they will *crosses fingers* publish!)

As for book promotion, I found Author 101: Bestselling Book Publicity to be a nice springboard for coming up with my own ideas. I reviewed this book here if anyone's interested.

Joshua Minton said...

I really liked Elizabeth's personal site and I'm all about authors promoting themselves online prior to seeking a print publishing career (I actually believe it's a necessity today). I do have one suggestion for her and any other author seeking electronic readership: RSS FEEDS, RSS FEEDS, RSS FEEDS!!!

I may check in on a site by surfing there from a link but I only come back to a site if I can subscribe to its feed. I can surf maybe 12 sites a day on my time but with RSS, I can filter through 2,500+ articles and narrow down what I'm looking for in a fraction of the time. And I'm not talking about just having feeds on a blog--any site that has content which gets updated should have an RSS feed and it should be displayed at the top of the screen for everyone to easily click on.

For more on RSS I did a quick 3-minute explanation with George over at One-Minute How to Dot Com that may help out.

Thanks for sharing the link, Jenny.

Christine said...

Aw, and I missed EPIcon this year. I should have gone, I know. I heard it was loads of fun. I just joined EPIC, but the publicist for my first publisher recommended it to me. They seem like a fun bunch of people.

Kimber An said...

Thanks for the info, Joshua. I'm not exactly computer-literate and had see the feed but didn't quite get what they're all about. I'll delve deeper into the subject now.

Zany Mom said...

Sanjaya is getting the young teen vote. When he sang this week, he looked sort of like a young Donny Osmond, who pre-teen girls were falling all over back in the early '70s. My 12-yr old voted for him. He has a nice smile, and the curly hair just made him adorable!

Is he Idol material? No, of course not. He's not in the guy's league (though they're not even close to the girls this year!). It's not his fault he's still there. What's he supposed to do, tell people, hey, don't vote for me? I want out??

Is he really that much worse than Kevin Corvais (aka Chicken Little) from last season? He's a heck of a lot easier on the eyes.

D.L. Rankin said...

Okay, peeps, the whole Sanjaya Malakar thing is ridiculous. As Jenny mentioned, it's a SINGING competition, yet every year some cutesie poo kid gets through on smile alone. Does anyone remember the year Fantasia won, when John Stephens, that funny-looking red head with the Sinatra-esque style, beat out Jennifer Hudson?(!!!) That's what I think is going to happen this year. During audtitions, Sanjaya was pretty good, but I think with the big audience on the big stage, those who are stars shine, those who are simply not ready, falter. Case in point: Brandon, the back up singer who was so talented but so obviously lacking in star quality. Sanjaya may well have a pretty good voice somewhere, but he's just too inexperienced for a stage of American Idol's magnitude. I'm sure some pretty good singers will fall to Sanjaya's uncalled for popularity, but just like John Stephens game-ending rendition of Crocodile Rock, the real stars will eventually kick him to the curb. My call for the finals: Melinda Dolittle and Lakisha Jones. Who are your favorites?

Caren Crane said...

Anyone looking to create a website should look no further than Bemis Promotions. Elizabeth is prompt, professional and has a real flare for web design. She did wonders for my website ( and I had no idea what I wanted. Check it out!