Sunday, April 08, 2007

Babies born in open-air

I give this woman SO much credit for having her baby this way. I hope she and the little girl and the others in the affected area stay safe and healthy.

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kiwi said...

Absolutely agree. People, if you can give support to the relief aid going to the Solomons, I urge you to do so. These islands are impoverished by first world standards and to be hit by an earthquake and a Tsunami is just tragic.

Jenny, seems a great deal has been happening at Lit Soup while I have been away! Snark’s advice vis a vis Trolls is right on the money. I think anyone with a public profile has experience of this sort of thing, and silence is the best weapon. And besides, we, your faithful readers, love your blog; you bring a human face to the industry. Damn the odd detractor.

Love the sonnet competition. I’d enter if I had the time. But these ‘little bastards’ can take as much time to write as a short work of fiction (if done properly).