Monday, April 02, 2007

Oh, Canada, how I love thee!

So, this is me trying to summarize an entire weekend in one post, which will probably be quite muddled.... I have a lot to do today and I'm supposed to be in my parents' car at 3:30 pm. today, to brave the traffic to Long Island for the first Passover Seder.


As I said before, Jeff Strand didn't win the Stoker, which was disappointing for a few reasons. Largely among them that we were cautiously optimistic about it, and then when they started announcing the nominees, he got the most applause of anyone in the category... so we had about three minutes of being like, "Oh wow, maybe he won!", until Michael Marshall Smith disabused everyone of that notion by reading the real winner. It was Stephen King, as I've already mentioned.

Despite that, the banquet was a ton of fun. We had a nice large table: Jeff and his wife, me, Christopher Golden, Stephen Volk, Bill from Cincinatti (I can't remember your last name!), Jeff's friend Greg (also, last name not remembered, sorry!), Mike Myers (not the comedian), and two other people, who I'm blanking on for the moment, and for which I profoundly apologize... Nate Kenyon and his beautiful wife, Nicole, were at the table next to ours, and Chris Golden took great joy in randomly tossing bits of rolls at him throughout the banquet. Men, they never grow up, especially not horror writers. =) I took some pictures at the banquet, and I'll try to get those posted up in the next few days.

Let's see, what else. I got to see my client, Alethea Kontis, and also my friend Steve Savile (surprise visitor from Europe!), which just totally rocked. I saw Chesya Burke and Nancy Kilpatrick and Sepehera Giron, all of whom are Lori's clients, and lovely people. I caught up with Jeremy Lassen (Night Shade) and Liz Gorinsky (Tor) for a bit, and got to hear the evil plan that they have in place for ComicCon. And I also got to see a bunch of horror people whom I've gotten to know the past year, which was great because I got a chance to catch up with them too. The not-complete list includes Tom Monteleone, F. Paul Wilson (who is doing much better, healthwise), Rhodi Hawk, Gary Frank and his wife Nancy, Fran Friel, Rhodi's friend Hank, Nanci Kalata and her husband, and many other really great people who I'm totally blanking on again right now. This is what happens when you try to write a blog post in a tremendous hurry.

I met new people too! George Mann (Solaris), Chris Roberson and his wife (MonkeyBrain Books), Tony Richards (great British chap), Tim Lebbon (also, amusing British chap)... many others, once again, memory on the fritz, and apologies tendered. I saw John Picacio and met his new wife, plus also saw Liza Groen Trombi from Locus, who was looking radiantly pregnant, while snapping photos all weekend. Also Robert J. Sawyer, plus many more great people.

And my brain has now officially died for names right now.

A few more things about why I love Canada so much, besides a fun convention:
  1. There is an entire chain of food stores devoted to bubble tea: Bubble Tease.
  2. There is a plus-size woman's clothing chain that has plus-sizes for petites: Addition Elle. I made out like a bandit there.
  3. Richtree--good food, cheap prices, good company was had there.
  4. We got to eat at Bistro 990, which was delicious.
  5. Toronto is clean! And pretty!
  6. You have two dollar coins... how cool is that?
  7. Also, more Cadbury candy than one can count... woo-hoo
And now, back to preparing for Passover, plus trying to get some actual work done today. I've already tried to burn my chumetz and failed miserably... the bread wouldn't catch on fire... the crackers I tried wouldn't catch on fire.... I finally gave up after managing to briefly toast one portion of one cracker. I fail at firestarting. =)


Chumplet said...

I am SO glad you had a positive experience in Toronto! Then again, I'm not surprised at all.

Ryan Field said...

Try a little chicken fat on the cracker...or any kind of grease. (Booze works too). Just be careful!

Christine said...

My publicist lives in Canada. My new publisher lives in Canada. Super nice people. I have a dream to take a vacation to Quebec city. Yeah, I'm cheap, but I figure I'll never get to Paris, so Quebec will do. :) At least I can drive there if I want.

Chesya said...
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Chesya said...

It was great seeing you again, Jenny. RichTree and Addition Elle were wonderful.

Jeff Strand said...
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Jeff Strand said...

Bill from Cincinatti was Bill Carl, whose first novel comes out in January 2008, meaning he actually has a chance to win a Stoker for Best First Novel in a world where HEART-SHAPED BOX exists.

Greg was Greg Lamberson, author of PERSONAL DEMONS and JOHNNY GRUESOME, as well as director of SLIME CITY.

The other two people were John McIlveen (co-editor of the upcoming UNTIL SOMEBODY LOSES AN EYE anthology) and Norman Prentiss, Associate Editor at Cemetery Dance and author of the sicko tale "Moles" in the aforementioned UNTIL SOMEBODY LOSES AN EYE.

Caren Crane said...

I loved the loonies and two-nies (one- and two-dollar coins) when my sister and I visited Nova Scotia. Not only do Canadians have all sorts of Cadbury products, they have chocolate-orange Kit Kats, the lucky dogs! Of course, they also have Gravy flavor potato chips, so it's not all Orange Kit Kats up there. Ha!

Brandi said...

Glad you had fun in Toronto! I'm a big shopper at Addition Elle myself. It's the only place I can get plus sized clothing for petite women with slender legs.