Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ok, new comment policy (take #254)

I've got comment moderation enabled, and have changed the settings so that anyone can post to LIT SOUP. I'm not entirely sure of how all the intricacies of the comment moderation work, but as far as I know, the comment gets e-mailed to me, and I approve/disapprove it for publication. I apologize for the fact that there will now be a delay in the comments appearing on the blog, given the frequency of my checking my e-mail, but I think this is the best solution for all involved.

There are no longer any annoying word verifications.

Let's hope that this gets a better discourse flowing again... I miss all the fun debating and commentry, especially from people who don't have Blogger accounts.

That said, please do remember that I'm attempting to keep LIT SOUP a civil place, and if your comment stretches the bounds of what I consider common decency (I have pretty liberal limits), it may not be posted.

And now, off to read manuscripts! =)

(The EDoA posts will continue... there will still be eight days worth. I've just been delayed. =)


BernardL said...

The word verification is the pits. Not having it makes up for any delay in the comment being posted. I hope this troll stuff fades away for you.

Laura Kramarsky said...

One other reason commenting may have dropped off....

Ever since all the blogs hosted by blogger got switched to the "new, improved Blogger", lots of RSS readers are reading really, really slowly. In fact, it may take 12 hours for a post to show up on some RSS readers. At that point, people often don't feel like bothering to comment. (After all, there may already be dozens of comments on a post within 12 hours!)

Comment moderation is a pain, it's true, but sometimes it's all you can do. Given the number of comments the lovely Miss Snark gets, I cannot imagine how she manages to moderate them all!

B.R. Stateham said...

It's amazing, isn't it, how words turn out to be the most vicious of weapons when used in such a context.

And yet words also can become the most potent of healing poultices when used in such a fashion.

Go figure . . . .

Eileen said...

As a non blogger person- I'm happy to have the chance to chime in. Now I'll just do my best to have something witty and charming to say.

Yas said...

Welcome to Comment Moderation. ;p its a good thing. being in control is fun.

and I think you're a smart cookie. :D

Kim said...

I'm just glad I don't have to yell at the monitor "But I did type the @%^@~ word in the box!"


kis said...

Yeah, thanks for opening it up again. I'll admit, I was a little, um, stung when I realized I couldn't post here anymore.

I'm hoping to be published soon, and that's soon enough to get my own blog, as far as I'm concerned. I'm more than happy to hang out on everyone else's for the moment.

-Blogless, but not a troll

Chumplet said...

That's okay; we're used to it from other blogs anyway. I just hope you don't get inundated with spam by taking away word verification. Sometimes the letter combinations make for fun words to comment on!

Chumplet said...

Hi, Kis! I gotta blog, come visit! (Sorry Jenny for using your blog as a communication device to other writers).

b. r. stateham said...

Just a thought: Going through the Writer's Digest, Guide to Literary Agents, I get the distinct impression that 65 to 85 percent of the agents are women.

(not that I mind women; I've been married three times, with two of the wives trying to kill me in one way or the other before we divorced)

If true, this creates an interesting conundrum: is genre-literature female orientated? Where is the male spectrum in the various literary tastes?

(I hope this opens up a huge can of worms and we have a hotly debated format. . .jolly fun!!)

b. r. stateham said...

Gosh durn, dang-it-all! I thought my little comment about women overwhelming the agency/editorial/genre area in modern publications would have sent up a howl of feminine indignation!

But it is as silent as a tomb in here!

What does a guy have to do to get a good debate going in here?

Ben Parris said...

Thank you! Some technical problem beyond my ken (yes, even though I run a science museum) was preventing me from posting here. Now it's just fine. It might be because I finally set up my own blog on blogspot, but I think it was the word verification because now my comments on yours are going through without error messages.

Now I'm going to pretend you did this just for me. If you care anything at all about my self esteem, don't disabuse me of that notion.