Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I just got a phone call from a very nice man, enquiring about whether he could speak to our intern at the L. Perkins Agency, Spencer Ellsworth. This, unfortunately, is not possible. I live in NJ, Lori lives in NY, and Spencer lives in Washington State. Therefore, none of us are in the same location.

If you'd like to speak to Spencer, you'll have to e-mail him; you win the prize of knowing his e-mail address, if he's contacted you with it to ask for material.

He's also quite busy this week, as his wife is expecting their first child. Naturally, we are all waiting with bated breath for the baby to make her appearance. Pictures shall be posted, once available, and if Spencer's wife is amenable. In the meantime, I'm back to work! =)


b. r. stateham said...

Spencer, or Jenny, is there any way to log-in a manuscript and let the writer know its going to be reviewed at a certain time?

I understand agents are inundated with manuscripts. But on the other hand, if you, as a writer, have been trying for months to get an agent to look at a 'script, and then have to wait additonal months to hear a 'yes' or'no,' it really activates the ulcer-department (if you know whatta I mean)

Jenny Rappaport said...

We currently don't have a system like that in place, and have no future plans at all, to implement one.

It's more trouble than it's worth, and despite our best efforts to get manuscripts reviewed in a timely manner, we are human and have many things to do.

You need to be patient. I cannot emphasize this enough.

kiwi said...

congratulations in advance to Spencer and his wife on their new arrival.