Monday, May 21, 2007

Open letter to Miss Snark

I came back from my conference in Pittsburgh this weekend, to find that Miss Snark had retired her blog. I tried to e-mail this to her, but she's closed the gmail account, and it bounced. So I figured I'd post it on my blog, since she does read that from time to time. Whether she actually sees it or not, one never knows, but she does know how to contact me.

Hello Miss Snark,

I'm sad to see you stop your blog, but I completely understand the reasons behind it. There's only so much you can say about agenting and publishing, before you start repeating yourself like a broken record. I think you've done a great service to all the newbies out there, and you've certainly helped increase the quality of the query letters I get.

I have my suspicions of who you are, you know, although I've never really said anything about it. If you'd like to meet up at BEA, I'll buy you a gin. =) You've been so nice about helping me out, when I've made the stupid mistakes that beginners in any career make, and I'd like to thank you in person.


And now, as I am utterly exhausted by going to three conferences in three weekends straight, I'm going to take a much-needed nap. More posts later! =)


David said...

I was hoping you'd put some kind of special, secret, known-only-to-agents pressure on her to force her to start blogging again!

Sheryl Nantus said...

just wanted to thank you for coming to the Pennwriters conference and giving of your time and knowledge - I know I'm not alone in saying that we really enjoyed your visit!

(and yes, I'll be contacting you in a few months after you catch your breath!)

enjoy your break and as Dori from Finding Nemo would say - Keep Swimming!


Tawna Fenske said...

Dying to know your theory about who Miss Snark may be! :)

I've got my own theory, of course, but we'll probably never learn the truth.

Regardless, I know she helped me a whole helluva lot, as have you and a handful of other great agents keeping blogs. Thanks a million for that!


BuffySquirrel said...


killeryapp (at)

Don't tell anyone I told you!

Jaden Nation said...

We will all mourn Miss Snark's passing... and, after all, we can always hope for a return.

- Jaden Nation

Patrick McNamara said...

There does seems to be a trend amongst agents to stop blogging, but everyone blogs now. I think there may be more agents blogging now than when Miss Snark started.

Podcasts (and to some extent vidcasts) are becomming the next big thing. (Mine is at Though even that can take up time, especially when it comes to editing the audio (clearing out mistakes or blank areas).

The Anti-Wife said...

Thanks for continuing to blog. We all appreciate the information.

Anonymous said...

I understand completely why Miss Snark retired her blog but that doesn't mean I'm not missing her terribly.

I'm positive I know who she is, but I will never tell. It would be like telling the surprise ending of a movie or book and ruining it for everyone else.

I sure do miss herm though, but I'm glad to discover this blog and -- Hi Buffy Squirrel; nice to see an old friend -- I'll hang out for a while. Thanks.

Catherine Avril Morris said...

Miss Snark quit??? Jeez...I had no idea. That's very sad. She's always been such a great, smart and entertaining read.

Southern Writer said...

I can't seem to beat my Snark addiction. I still check the blog every day.

A friend of mine met you at the conference over the weekend and said you made her feel very comfortable. I think that's nice.

I also wondered if you'd seen this (I'm not a huge fan of O, but I still open her mail sometimes)? Sarah Jessica Parker is coming out with a new line of clothing in sizes 2 to 22, and everything is under $20.

Celeste said...

That was very, very sweet :) I'm sure Miss Snark will find you at the bar if she's at BEA and pull her gin pail out for a quick fill up. And hey, you never know, maybe she'll bring George along...

Ryan Field said...

I've always known I could find out who Miss Snark really was, but half the fun of the blog was NOT knowing her identity.

And, while she helped newbies, she also helped a few of us who've been around for a while, too. There were several times I e-mailed a blog question that she didn't think would work for the blog, but she always answered with a personal e-mail. And the advice was always excellent and I always followed it with no regrets.

I hate to see this blog go, but she ended it in the same classy way she ran it.