Friday, May 25, 2007

The other blog

It's a poorly kept secret that I have another blog, although I rarely post to it. It can be found over at LiveJournal, under the name eiriene. Most of the entries have been privacy-locked, a few are just friends-locked, and then there are some public ones.

I've decided, that rather than drone on about my newly-acquired hobby of knitting (in the sense that I have actually taken it up again, after a couple of years of having one scarf that never was finished)... anyway, rather than drone on about the knitting here, I'm going to post knitting details over at the LJ. So, if you are interested in knitting and the efforts of someone who's still a relative beginner, then feel free to pop over there from time to time.

There'll be pictures, minor commentary, and the occasional glamour shot of Zoe modeling a piece of knitwear.

The first knitting post is this one.

And yes, mom, I'll finish your scarf one day. (She is the intended recipient of my original knitting project, never finished thus far... =)

(Also, why knitting you ask? Because I find it calming, it uses a completely different part of my brain than anything else I do on a daily basis, and I am slowly improving my motor dexterity. And back to bed I go, to get a few more hours of sleep, before the work day begins!)


J. C. Hay said...

Welcome back to the needles!
I agree, nothing quite as relaxing as the rhythmic -tik-tik-tik- of knitting.

-J.C. Hay

Diane said...

That's awesome that you've gone back to knitting! I have a dozen things started, mostly bags to carry around books and socks; though I've gotten the hang of knitting cables which I like the challenge of.

I find knitting helps me collect my thoughts while I'm writing my first book. I usually sit with my notebook on one side and my knitting instructions on the other. I am still trying to devise a contraption so that I can knit, read all the new books coming out and write mine own book all at the same time.

I raise my needles in salute.

Eileen said...

I adore knitting. If you come out to Vancouver one of these days I'll point you to a killer yarn store. I buy skeins and skeins and just roll around on it.

spyscribbler said...

I learned to knit a year ago, but I don't knit as much as I wish I did. The moment I pick up the needles, my mind just melts into this calmness, and all my stress and internal nonsense-chatter just wash away.

It's so relaxing, that it's completely perplexing to me that I don't do it more often.

beverley said...

I don't knit that much because I'm always busy writing, but I love knitting and crocheting. I usually knit sweaters, crochet baby blankets and sew clothes. These activities are so much easier than people would imagine but good yarn and fabric can get pretty expensive.


whitemouse said...

You reminded me of a project I was neglecting. Now I'm knitting again, too. :-)

I knit while brainstorming ideas for writing.

Jessica said...

Hi, Ms. Rappaport. I regularly check on your blog but I don't comment. I wanted to let you know that I've started a blog and have linked to yours. If that's not okay and you'd like me to remove the link, I'd be happy to accomodate, just let me know. The blog is at if you'd like to look.