Friday, May 11, 2007

Postal rate change, again!

I'm up and packing for the Nebulas right now, folks, and also attempting to get my damn affairs in order before I leave for NYC in approximately three and a half hours. I've been going through mail, trying to find something that someone sent me. I've been opening query letters, along the way.

I have at least ten to fifteen query letters that were sent with incorrect postage, due to the postal rate change, after I announced that I would throw out any queries that came that way, all postmarked after April 27th. I will most likely end up answering them anyway, but at the moment, I'm stopping myself from going into complete agent-bitch mode due to the good graces of one of my friends, who is online at the moment and talking sense to me. =)

Send your snail mail queries with the correct postage! I am not throwing these current ones out right now. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that I get after May 14th, with incorrect postage, goes straight to the garbage. Read directions!

(Sonnet results still coming--it's hard to decide!!!!)


Anonymous said...

I asked my local postmistress about the rate change, and she told me that there's a "grace period" when the rate goes up when they'll still deliver your stuff, even though the rate has gone up.

After that, she said they'd still deliver it, but you'd owe them the 2 cents-- and frankly, there's really no benefit to them to go after the 2 cents, since it would cost them much more to get it!

So throwing out those queries seems a bit harsh to me!

Anonymous said...

What about queries sent in February, have you opened those?

poetsforpeanuts said...

It's so nice of you to give these warnings to peopel. Too bad some don't pay attention. Thanks so much for the heads up. :)

Anonymous said...

I imagine there are a lot of people who sub to you but don't read your blog or even know about it. Many, starting out, read Writer's Market and don't stumble on blogs until later.

Anonymous said...

Noooooooo! I just sent out my third query letter this morning and - being my third query - it's to an agent I really like. I even sent the thing Priority Mail so I can get these "Top Ten Rejections" out of the way faster and start my broad querying.

My $4.60 package will be foiled by a $0.02 stamp because I'm clueless.

Sad. :-(

Jodi Meadows said...

Anonymous 10:51 PM, May 11, 2007:

I'm sure most people submitting don't have time to keep up with every agent's blog, but it's so easy to google the agents you're querying just to get a little more information. When you google Jenny, her blog comes up first. From there, it's easy to find her submission guidelines. usually links to stuff like this, too, or adds it in a special comments section.

No, it's not a perfect system, but...neither is the rest of publishing. Those who catch it will catch it, and those who don't...won't.