Sunday, June 24, 2007

The bad, bad thing...

I did a bad, bad thing tonight. I stayed up all night reading. A published book, no less. And damn, did that feel nice to do.

My parents are in the process of excavating my brother's and mine's old bedrooms at home, in order to turn them into random exercise rooms and such, so they are sorting through all the junk we have kindly left at home for them. (Such good children, aren't we?) Anyway, in the course of her excavations, on Saturday morning, my mother found that I had a Barnes & Noble gift card. An unused B&N gift card, as I found when I checked at the store, later Saturday evening--it contained all of $10. Do you know what $10 buys? It pays for one and a half mass market paperbacks. This is unheard of treasure.

So I promptly purchased KITTY TAKES A HOLIDAY by Carrie Vaughn.

And read it.

And kept reading it.

And discovered, by the very end, that I loved it just as much as the rest of the Kitty books.

I got the chance to meet Carrie Vaughn at Worldcon last year, atlhough I'm not sure she remembers me (I still want the were-alpaca in a more prominent role, if you do remember me!). She's a lovely lady, very fun to hang out with, and I enjoyed getting the chance to talk to her and tell her how much I liked her writing. She's writing urban fantasy or paranormal fantasy or something of the two combined (I'm not in the mood to classify), but whatever genre category you choose to slot it, it's really, really good.

The book sucked me in, kept me going, and didn't let go until the very end.

And this is why I love being a literary agent.

Because when I find books like that in my slush pile, ones that aren't yet published, but which scream out to me that they deserve publication... I know that this is an author I need to sign as a client. And if I get to play just the smallest role in helping to sell the book, and get it out to a wider audience... then count me a fulfilled woman. I like my job. =)


Nathalie Mallet said...

And that's why we love you, Jenny. :)

kathie said...

Oh, my, I love that--reading all night--there's nothing better. Glad you had such great evening and that you helped out your P's out by clearing a tiny, thin, card from your bedroom! Ugh, that's something that's always so hard--once you start looking, everything looks important. Better to just let the P's toss it all out then tell you later.

Kelly Swails said...

Kathie: true that. Unless, of course, your P's are like my dad.
Me: Dad, really, I don't want X, Y, or Z. Toss 'em.
Dad: Okay. I'll do that this weekend.
(fast forward 2 years)
Me: Dad! What the hell? I thought I told you to throw this crap out.
Dad: (shrugs) Thought you might want it someday.
Parental frustration ensues.

Jenny: Ah, reading all night long. I'm jealous.

The Quoibler said...

I found my way to your blog this morning and am hooked.

Oh, and I'm drooling with envy, too. I honestly cannot remember the last time a book so thoroughly enchanted me.

: )


James Dashner said...

Some of my best memories are staying up all night reading Stephen King, then telling my mom that I was sick as a dog and couldn't go to school.

I can only imagine the elation of finding a prize manuscript after reading some of the drivel that comes through as well.

Karen said...

I am confused. You said you did a bad thing and then you said you read all night. What was the bad thing? Reading is never bad!

Writer, Rejected said...

That's nice what you say about the slush pile and your goal to help an emerging writer and feeling fulfilled. You are one of the good-hearted out there in a difficult business! Check out more on the topic (not you, of course) at

littlebirdblue said...

See you in the NW!

B. R. Stateham said...

Good Golly! I'm humbled at the thought someone has kept a book of mine published in '81!

I hope to add to that collection many, many more books in the next few years.

b. r. stateham said...

Speaking of staying up all night and reading a good book; have you read any novels by a British author named Lindsay Davis?

She writes a detective series set in Ancient Rome circa 49 A.D.

If you like History, this is a series a history buff could cuddle up in a big chair with a cold glass of beer and get comfortable with.

Paulo Bruno said...

I remember having the feeling of being drawn by the words of a good book. I was a boy and the book was "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende. Despite all the years, I still remember the joy of coming home from school, grab the book and forget the world around me, until I had to join the dinner table under my silent protest, eat neatly all the things my Mom wanted me to, just to be able to run off earlier and dive back into the book. And yes, that book definitively changed me!
A couple of weeks ago I had another kind of feeling, wonderful and terrifying at the same time. I presented 50 pages of my new writing to a 12yo daughter of a friend of mine. Seeing her eyes gaze as she devoured the words was priceless. Nevertheless I do have published books, I never had actually the chance to see they come to alive in the mind of my readers. That’s a powerful feeling!!! And that’s why I keep writing.
Seems to me books have a magic on their own, many times not in the realm of the writer, but in hands like yours or little readers like the girl, people who can really make the difference, just by taking a few of those words and making something real come out of them.
PBB – Brazil.
(Sorry for my bad English. Please suppress my e-mail address)

Angelle Trieste said...

I loved the first KITTY book. :) Now I need to go read the sequels.

writtenwyrdd said...

My mother just moved in with me. In preparation for this, I'd actually gone back home two years ago to clear out the junk I'd left behind. Tossed it all too. Or so I thought. She apparantly dumpster dived and she'd saved some of it! Even better, when her move came along, a couple of things trekked from Left to East Coast to come home to roost! Awk!

At least they were very small things, lol.

Williebee said...

Carrie is a neat lady. I corresponded with her a bit after her first one came out. And the series is just plain FUN.