Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Girlie Gamer

I'll put in the caveat that I dislike blog sites with ads, and so I was originally turned off of this one.

But the woman who writes it has quirky tastes, and I liked her game reviews--they were often funny and cute and insightful into the actual game mechanics. Plus, it doesn't totally focus on things that I can't/don't like to play (FPS, anyone?), which is an added bonus for me.

Girlie Gamer


Patrick McNamara said...

I like First Person Shooters, but they are more male oriented. I've found myself getting more into puzzle games lately, though even those I have to watch. It's easy to spend too much time playing and not enough time writing.

Ben S. D. said...

Wow, I had no idea such a site existed. Really cool!

But I have to say, Jenny, in looking at the blog, the author must realize she's reinforcing many stereotypes; stereotypes that apply to girl gamers that male gamers often believe as fact. The games and movies recently reviewed aren't...erm...well, they're not games most guys I know would play.

But maybe that's not a negative "stereotype." It certainly doesn't mean those games are BAD (although some are, I must say), it simply means males and females have different tastes in gaming, which would make perfect sense. That's allowed, right? :)

Oh, and it's VERY interesting that you mention FPS. Most every girl I've ever met can't stand FPSs because it makes them nauseous to even watch it. Is that why you don't like them? It's interesting because I'm wondering if this is indicative of the different chemical make-up of men and women.

Back in college, I had one Psychology class where we were provided with two separate puzzles. After we were given the first puzzle, we were asked to raise our hands when we were done. After about two minutes, all the men in the room had their hands raised and all the women were looking at each other, utterly confused. Then, with the second puzzle, the exact OPPOSITE happened. It was really weird. I remember how I felt with the first puzzle (duh, a monkey could do this!) and the second puzzle (...I don't even understand what I'm looking at).

It was a very intriguing example of how different men and women really are. And I'm just wondering if that's the deal with FPSs; it CAN'T be a coincidence that every single one of the girl gamers I've ever met can't stand FPSs, which is a massively popular genre amongst males. And I refuse to believe it's just because the game is about shooting things...some of you girls like the most sadistic, violent things that I can't even WATCH. LOl

Not you, Jenny, I'm just saying. :)

Jenny Rappaport said...

You've hit the nail on the head, Ben.

I can't play FPS games because they make me terribly nauseous and I start to get vertigo. I have problems watching my guy friends play them; the same thing hapapnes. The only one that I was able to actually play myself, since I was curious, was Serious Sam 2, and that lasted for about fifteen minutes before I had to stop or be violently sick.

Ben S. D. said...

It has to have something to do with spatial relationships and depth perception, or something. I've been playing FPSs for 15 years and I've never once felt even the slightest bit out-of-whack. And I can play them for hours straight, too. It obviously centers on the perspective and not the action, because you can play other action games from a third-person perspective without any problem, right? And hectic action movies don't make you feel nauseous, I assume.

I wish I was more of a medically-oriented person so I could understand this better. It's really quite interesting.

jjdebenedictis said...

I lack a Y chromosome and I also don't like First Person Shooters.

Part of it is the nausea, but most of it is the stress. I end up wound in knots, screaming (usually obscenities) in fear/anger every time some baddie leaps out at me. This is not a fun experience for me; this is deeply stressful.

But I loved the Thief games, which are billed as a First Person Sneaker. The point in those is that you don't want confrontations. You creep around stealing things and trying not to get caught. (There's also a fantastic and creepy story arc, fabulous animated cut scenes, a great soundtrack and the voice actors are superb.)

In the Baldur's Gate games, I happily hacked my way through the empire, so it isn't the violence that bothers.

It's the whole leaping out of nowhere and trying to kill me aspects that I find deeply unpleasant.
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Heather said...

I can't stand FPSs myself. For much the same reasons as Jenny... too much vertigo. Especially those more realistic ones that make it look like you're walking and bounce up and down.

What I really like is a good RPG like a Final Fantasy or the like. I LOVE those. ANything with jumping? Not interested. ;) I suck at jumping.

Anonymous said...

The Y'rs may cringe, but I turn on god mode and use FPS games as puzzles (how do I get to the other side of that friggin' gorge?) and as skills practice. Most are so beautifully rendered, it's always a worthwhile journey. But I think more XX'rs need to get into design and develop games based on romance novels, especially mysteries and thrillers. Pairing two such high dollar markets has to result in a happy ending.