Saturday, June 02, 2007

Me and Joe Hill

And one last post, before I collapse into bed from exhaustion...

The convention was very hot. There had to be easily close to 10,000 people there, and whoever runs the Jacob Javits Center had not turned the air conditioning on at a level that would cope with that number of bodies. We all sweated and carried around giant bags of books and enjoyed the convention.

Then, after I had retrieved two of my bags from coat check (I had five total), I went to wait on the interminably long taxi line from hell.

And who is standing behind me, on the taxi line from hell?

Joe Hill!

Yes, the Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, and a very good author in his own right.

Which was just really cool, and so I introduced myself, and we had a very pleasant conversation about horror and various people who we both knew. =)

To my mother's great chagrin, I did not give him my business card, since I had to run to make sure my taxi didn't leave, when one finally came for me. But if he does remember me, and ever wants to get in touch (I have no illusions that he'd ever be my client, for those who are wondering)... but anyway, if he does remember me, he can always google, and here I am.

And now, good night! =)


Kelly Swails said...

I read "Heart-Shaped Box" and liked it. It's cool that you got to meet him. What's cooler is that you met "Joe Hill" and not "Stephen King's son", you know what I mean? He has such a huge shadow to walk away from.

Does that make sense?

James Dashner said...

You met Joe Hill! How cool is that? Next time, please tell him that his dad is my faborite author of all time. (I'm sure he loves hearing that) Hopefully he will carry on the tradition.

Hey Jenny, did you happen to see Shadow Mountain's booth there? Just wondering how they did.

Eileen said...

Hill's book was fantastic. He's got a great sense of character. How neat to meet him. Of course the truth is I'm an author groupie. I could stand outside BEA and squeal like a pre-teen all day.

brian_ohio said...

You just blew my mind.

I love King, I've read everything.

I loved Heart-Shaped Box.

I didn't even know Joe Hill was his son until I read this blog entry. Joe never mentioned it in his author bio or nothing.

That's wild. And you got to meet him. Nice!

Demon Hunter said...

I'd have to agree with your mom on this one, Jenny. The taxi could have waited! ;*)

kathie said...

That's an awesome meet! Sounds like you had a great time despite the heat.